Yoga to Liberate the Mind and the Soul

Yoga is not just about practising different postures to keep your mind and body healthy, it is also about liberating your tangled mind and soul from the years of conditioned thoughts that eventually became a part of your being, hindered your progress, and affected your behaviour, work and relationships. 

Many a time, residue of certain experiences make our mind distorted and prevent us from seeing or realizing things as they truly are. Also, in a world where attachment to materialistic possessions, education, prejudices, belief systems, occupation, loved ones are too vivid, our rational mind fails to recognize our true self. 

The Science of Yoga

Maharishi Patanjali, in Yoga Sutras, has defined yoga as “the complete cessation of all active states of mind”. Does it mean yoga makes us discard everything in life? No. Many texts fail to comprehend the true meaning of the Maharishi’s approach in Yoga Sutra. Cessation of all active states of mind does not mean abandonment or condemnation of the world but it means that yoga enables a person to live fully without being attached to worldly identification.  

Yoga is an ultimate liberating tool that connects you with universal reality, creating an expanse to breathe and space to understand who you are, what you want and how you can achieve it. When you start practising yoga, you will tread the path of self-realization and start enjoying the journey. The illusions of everyday life will not distract you anymore. 

Experiencing the Feeling of Self Transformation Through Yoga

When a person sincerely practices yoga, he or she will start experiencing positive changes in the mind, intellect, emotions, Prana, etc. The mind doesn’t limit itself to any object, organs, desires, attachments, cravings or ego. Freedom is attained when your mind sets itself free from all sorts of attachments. 

For the Body and Within

At the physical level, yoga makes your body active and lean. The enhancement of the physical capabilities of the body is the step to mastering the higher possibilities of overall well being. To put it simply, the contorting of your body in various yoga asanas help you retain a sense of calm amidst the frantic surrounding, delve deeper into the silence and connect with the universe. 

At a deeper level, yoga activates your chakras, which are the storehouse of your willpower, intellect, self-identity, love and creativity. When these chakras get activated one by one, you start connecting with your true self and potential. 

Being ‘You’ in the Truest Sense of the Term 

Yoga breaks your perceptions of perfections and you start acknowledging that being imperfect can be perfect as well. It puts an end to the self-sabotaging you were trapped in for long. It teaches you to accept your imperfections and blemishes as you would embrace your blessings. 

Our Parting Thoughts

By and large, yoga liberates you from the shackles of ideals and myths, extremes and excesses and complexities and distractions. It helps you attain a state of equilibrium, nurtures your body, mind and soul and navigates you, your life towards the path of transformation and even transcendence.

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