Dealing With PMS Naturally With Ayurveda

Premenstrual syndrome, commonly known as PMS, is a group of symptoms that is experienced by nearly 20% of the female population within the reproductive age. The symptoms range from behavioural changes such as mood swings, irritability and anxiety, to physical changes like tender breasts, bloating, abdominal pain, back pain and nausea. These are some of the most common symptoms, however, they are not limited to only these and may not be the same for all.

PMS symptoms can cause real discomfort and interfere with daily activities. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to manage PMS symptoms.

You need not rely on synthetic medicines and other chemically-infused products to manage these symptoms. With Ayurveda, you can soothe all PMS symptoms naturally and effectively, without having to worry about any side-effects.

Here are some simply Ayurvedic remedies to help you manage PMS symptoms.

Premenstrual syndrom