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Ayurvedic Treatment

Benefits Of Warm Oil Massage

Do you massage your body every day? If not, then it is time to get started. In Ayurveda, self-massage with warm herbal oil is called...

5 Proven Ayurvedic Herbs That Are Great For Skin Care This Winter

Winters are almost here, and with it, the season of dry skin has also arrived. However, this winter season, improve the health of your...

5 Herbs to Up Your Summer Skin Care Routine

Every year, the skin is at the receiving end of the scorching summers. The intense heat, humidity, and pollution strip the skin of its...

Ayurvedic Remedies For Diarrhea

If you are suffering from diarrhoea, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone has suffered from it at least once in their lifetime.  Characterised...

Avoid the Accumulation of Toxins with Ayurveda: Daily Routine to a Healthy Life

  Detoxification is key to managing health, especially in the current world of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. Everyone tries different ways to detoxify health....

What Makes Ayurveda the Best Detox Approach?

Detox has become an inevitable part of our daily lives now. With processed food diets, high pollution levels, increased stress levels and other unhealthy...

Importance of Regular Body Detox

The history of Ayurvedic medicine may span over millennia, but this ancient science offers some of the most insightful solutions for modern day problems....




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