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10 Amazing Benefits of Horse Gram

This article is reviewed by an expert Are you looking for a nutritious and healthy addition to your diet? Look no further than horse gram!  Also...

Kaunch Beej: Nutrition, Benefits, Uses, Side Effects & More

Reviewed by Experts Kaunch Beej, also known as Mucuna pruriens or “cowhage plant”, is a tropical legume native to most parts of the subcontinent...

The History of Chyawanprash in Health Care

Today, the global nutraceutical market is a multi-billion-dollar industry and the popularity of nutritional and herbal supplements has exploded. Chyawanprash, the traditional Ayurvedic formulation...

Haldi Doodh: The Magic Potion For Good Health

If you have grown up in India, there is a high chance that you were given Haldi Doodh or turmeric milk whenever you felt...




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