Ayurveda’s Take on Skincare with Ghee

Ghee is extensively used in Ayurveda for several medical applications, including the treatment of allergies and skin conditions (1). Numerous Ayurvedic formulations are prepared by cooking herbs in Ghee. The many virtues of Ghee and its fine ability to reach within the human body’s deepest tissues make it the perfect base for formulations that target specific tissues, organs, and parts of the human body. There are umpteen uses of Ghee within the science of Ayurveda that make it a priceless part of this ancient medical science. 

When it comes to Ghee for skin, cow Ghee can be used as a highly effective bath oil and an excellent facial moisturiser. In addition, consumption of Ghee in adequate quantities imparts several health benefits such as binding of toxins and enhancing complexion as well as the glow of the face and body. Continue reading to learn more about how you can maintain youthful and radiant skin with the help of Ghee.


The Takeaway

Ghee is used in almost all parts of India. It is known for its incredible benefits when consumed regularly, but also has several skin benefits when applied topically. Ayurveda has always ranked Ghee on the top of its charts given its countless benefits. If you too want radiant and flawless skin naturally, you must try the above-mentioned DIY hacks. However, it must also be noted that the results may differ based on your skin type and Dosha constitution. It is suggested to consult an expert, especially if you have any skin condition.