Foods Bad for Liver

Foods that Cause Liver Damage.

Liver is one of the largest and the most complex organ systems in the body. It plays a major role in the process of digestion, purifying your blood and filtering all toxins, controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels and helping your body to fight infections. Your liver processes all things that you eat and drink and converts it into forms that are usable by the body.

So, while our liver works so hard to keep our body healthy and running, it is our responsibility to look after its health. One of the best ways to keep our liver healthy is to – watch what we eat.

Following is a list of foods that have potentially damaging effects on your liver:


  • Your liver is responsible for eliminating alcohol and other toxins from the blood.
  • Did you know that each time your liver processes alcohol, some of your liver cells die? But the liver is a resilient organ and can regenerate new liver cells.
  • However, chronic alcoholism can reduce this ability of the liver cells to regenerate. The by-products of the alcohol metabolism also cause fat build-up in the liver.
  • Chronic alcoholism destroys the cells of the liver and leads to alcoholic hepatitis, scarring of the liver and may also lead to liver cancer.

Deep fried foods:

  • As much as we love to binge eat samosas, fries and burgers, we must all know that it has a deleterious effect on your liver.
  • These foods are high in saturated fats plus they may also have excess salts and sugar.
  • These are also high in calories and overconsumption may make you obese.
  • Over consumption of deep-fried foods are one of the most common causes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Sugary foods:

  • Liver is the fuel reservoir of the body. The sugar that we take in is converted to either glucose (for immediate use) or fat and glycogen (for later use).
  • Too much sugar puts extra workload on liver and leads to excess fat production.
  • Sugary foods also increase your risk of having diabetes, cholesterol, high triglycerides- all which can increase your risk of having fatty liver.
  • Watch out while eating candies, sweetened beverages, sweet bakes and even the tea or coffee from the coffee shop.

White breads:

  • White breads have a lot of refined carbohydrates and sugars such as the fructose corn syrup, which are dangerous for the liver.

Red and processed meat:

  • A recent study found that having processed and red meats frequently can increase your risk of having fatty liver disease
  • .
  • Moreover, its consumption was also associated with diabetes. Diabetes again has an adverse effect on your liver.


  • Research suggests that the sodium present in salt can initiate the process of liver fibrosis.
  • Salt is widely used as a flavour enhancer in foods. So, watch out on how much salt you use in your foods
  • . You can replace salt with some spices and herbs to enhance the flavour of your food.
  • There is a lot of hidden salts in processed foods, canned foods and pickles. So, reduce the intake of such food stuffs] as well.

Now that you know what foods to avoid, you must be wondering- ‘what do I eat then?’
  • Eat a balanced diet- include grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, pulses and oils. Have lot of fruits and vegetables which are rich in essential micronutrients and dietary fibre.
  • Also, remember that water is the purest and the most ideal beverage. Drinking adequate water keeps dehydration at bay and helps your liver to function better. In addition, maintain a healthy lifestyle- quit smoking, exercise daily and stay away from toxins.

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