Tips to Burn Calories at Work

Top 10 Tips To Burn Calories At Your Workplace

Most of the jobs compel you to sit behind a desk for nearly five days a week. This slows down your body’s metabolism, and you begin to gain weight, especially around the waistline. Sitting for such long hours have been associated with increased health problems, like obesity, heart diseases, and some cancers. Due to the tight schedule, nobody has time for the gym, pilates lessons or a jog in a park.

Fortunately, there are some methods that will help you to be fit while doing your work.
This article will help with some tips that you can follow and burn some calories at your desk.

Walk to your office:

  • If you stay near your office, walk or use a bike to commute.
  • If you stay far, use public transport and walk to the bus or the metro station.
  • If you travel by your own vehicle, park it at one end of the parking lot, and walk the rest of the distance. Take the stairs to reach your floor, instead of the elevator.

Stand up, stand up:

  • Standing will burn more calories than sitting. Stand, if possible walk, when talking over the phone.
  • Walk to the other desks to communicate with your colleagues. Keep a small water bottle at your desk, so that you walk to the water dispenser to fill it often.

Take fitness breaks:

  • Instead of a coffee or tea break, take a brisk walk in the corridor or climb up and down a few floors.
  • You can also do some at-desk exercises or gentle stretches; stretching helps you relieve tension and burn a few calories.

Sit on a fitness ball:

  • Switch your regular desk chair with a stability ball, sit on it as long as possible.
  • Although it won’t help you build your abs, it will help improve the balance and tone the core muscles.
  • You can also use the ball to do wall squats or other exercises.

Bring your gym to work:

  • Keep small fitness equipment's, such as resistance bands or small weights, at your office.
  • Do stretches using the resistance bands or the arm curls during the breaks.
  • Along with other colleagues, you can also arrange for a treadmill or an indoor cycle in a small area in your office.

Switch to healthy snacks:

  • Trade your coffee with green or other herbal teas.
  • Carry fruits or vegetables like carrots, radish, cucumber for your snacks between the meals. This will keep you away from the packed, junk foods.

Walk after lunch:

  • Take a short walk after lunch for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Encourage your colleagues to join you. If you miss your walk one day, your colleagues can motivate you to keep going.

Drink plenty of water:

  • Water will give you a feeling that you are full and stop you from eating junk foods and other drinks.

Meet outside the conference room:

  • Ditch your round-table meetings and conduct meetings or brainstorming sessions while walking, whenever practical.
  • Walking inside the building, or outdoors seems fun and will keep the employees motivated.

Sweat when travelling:

  • If you often travel for work, plan and carry your fitness equipment.
  • Take a brisk walk at the airport when your flight is delayed.
  • Select a hotel that has a gym, or swimming pool or other outdoor games.
  • Carry your running shoes and go for a jog whenever possible. You can also take along your jump ropes and resistance bands.
  • Exercises like planks, jumping jacks, and crunches do not require any equipment at all and can be done anywhere.

Once you take a step to be fit, you will love being physically active throughout the day. One hour of morning workout will not compensate for the long hours of sitting during the day. The small sessions of stretching and exercises, as well as following a healthy diet, is necessary to be physically active all day and lead a healthy life.

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