Recovery story by Deepak

Ayurveda helped my skin glow and me grow. When I moved back home from the United States of America, after having lived there for almost all my life, my skin reacted badly to the Indian atmosphere. As much as I loved being back, I was not able to step out of the house due to skin irritation. Everyday the acne and pimples would keep on getting worse. There came a time when I had to wear a mask even if I wanted to go out on the balcony to enjoy the evening. No amount of medications was able to clear up my condition. The situation became so bad that I thought I had to move back to The States.

That’s when my aunt suggested I try Ayurveda treatment instead. I was on herb extract and a daily face pack. I started seeing the effects in almost a week. After two months, I was able to travel around the city, but of course with my mask on. I continued the treatment for another 2 months and now I happily explore the different parts of India, which was one of the main reasons for me to come back. Ayurveda not only cleared up my skin, but it made it glow as well. And now I have learnt so much about my country as I travel across it that I’ve even grown as a person.

- Deepak