Recovery story by Seema Kaushik

It was 2 years back that I got diagnosed with Acid reflux, causing extreme health issues throughout the day. From waking up with heartburn and tossing and turning at night not being able to fall asleep, the struggle went on for almost a year with no treatments being helpful. Every solution led to a surgery which me and my family were not up for. Right from 5 pills a day to eating just pale food, everything added on to the misery, which also led to a weight lossof 7 kgs. All of it then led to low immunity, vitamin deficiency, and anemia and terrible side effects of dizziness, low BP caused by high dosage of medicines. It was becoming a routine for me to skip work, as most of the days I just couldn’t gather the stamina to go through a while we tried different medications, it was when my father was told about giving Ayurveda by his colleagues, which we agreed to try but with least hopes.
At the very beginning, the ayurvedic specialists corrected my eating habits and frequency along with suggesting exercises to help the digestion process better. What worked wonders is the natural plant-based medicines which had absolutely no side effects. It did take about 15 days to show its benefits, but since then till bout now the reflux has subsided, making me get back on track with work and enjoy eating what I wish to. I was put on a course of medicines for 3 months along with diet recommendations and lifestyle changes, which worked wonders. The best part about all of it is that there are no side effects and no reversal of refluxes to date. As they say, your body has the power to recover naturally from the great extent of damages, all you need is treatments that are natural that help you heal well and not chemical-based medicines that cause further harm.

- Seema Koushik