Detoxify Your Body With These Ayurvedic Methods

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The human body is not new to toxins that are developed inside it. But the question is how these toxins are produced? We live in a world where there is no time to eat healthily and everybody is racing to achieve their goals but they forget to achieve a healthy life. 

What is Ama?

We accumulate toxins every day due to the digestion process. In the process of digestion, the food creates some toxins which in turn create residue. These toxins are called Ama in Ayurveda. The responsibility of digestion of the body belongs to the Pitta Dosha of Ayurveda. In this Dosha, the digestive fire or Agni is the requirement for proper metabolism of the body. A strong Agni helps in producing fewer toxins whereas a weak Agni does not digest the food properly leading to the production of more and more toxins.   

There are three Doshas in Ayurveda that are responsible for balancing the body (also known as Prakriti in Ayurveda). These Doshas are:

Vata: It is the energy of movement of the body. It consists of two elements that are, air and space. It mainly governs breathing, muscle as well as tissue movement, blinking, the pulse of the heart and all movements of the brain. A balanced Vata is known for promoting creativity and flexibility and an unbalanced Vata produces fear and anxiety.

Pitta: This Dosha of the human body is responsible for digestion or metabolism. The two main elements of Pitta are fire and water. It regulates digestion, absorption, temperature, assimilation, metabolism and nutrition of the body. A balanced Pitta promotes intelligence and understanding whereas an unbalanced, Pitta produces anger, hatred and jealousy.

Kapha: Kapha is the energy of lubrication and structure of the body. It is made up of water and earth and is responsible for governing lubrication of joints and muscles, skin moisture balance, and immunity. A balanced Kapha encourages feelings of love, calmness and forgiveness whereas an unbalance Kapha leads to attachment, greed and envy.

Why are Toxins Harmful?

Toxins in the body prevent conventional processes which result in an eruption of harmful diseases related to the heart, skin, liver, digestion, brain, stress and so on. Toxins disrupt the normal functioning of the body. 

One way of toxins entering the body is from the food we eat and some other ways are air pollution, disturbing the environment and climate change. The conditions of living are deteriorating with time due to mankind’s actions. To adapt to these changes is a challenge and with the busy life humans lead, it is hard. 

Symptoms of Toxins Present in Your Body 

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  • Low energy
  • Feeling tired in the morning
  • Coated tongue in the morning
  • Weak appetite
  • Prone to flu, colds and coughs or allergies
  • Sharp headaches and dizziness
  • Mild tremors in limbs
  • Muscle aches
  • Sore throat
  • Less radiant, heavier and oilier skin

How Ayurveda Detoxifies the Body?

First and foremost, plant more and more trees for fresh air and environmental change.  

Detoxification is as important as bathing. The body also requires a bath every day in order to stay clean and hygienic.

Ayurveda follows an intense cleansing process which is most commonly known as Panchakarma. It is a sophisticated approach of Ayurveda that fully cleans the body within. It consists of three main steps and five measures of detoxification.

First, the five measures are therapeutic vomiting, purgatives, enemas, nasal medications and blood purification. 

How to apply these measures:

  1. To bring dissolution of fat-soluble impurities in the body use oils both internally and externally. This method removes fat-soluble environmental toxins and others. 
  2. Expose the body to heat. It allows the impurities to shift to the digestive tract.
  3. Lastly, use Basti and Laxative treatments to clear them from the digestive tract. Basti is a sophisticated approach that alternates oil enemas with water-based enemas to ensure the Doshas are not unbalanced. It is important not to expose the colon to too much water because it will aggravate the Vata Dosha as the body gets older. 

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More Methods to Detoxify the Body:

  • Do not consume junk food
  • Sit quietly before eating
  • Sit quietly after eating
  • Avoid other distractions while eating
  • Be regular with the meals
  • Include coriander, cumin, turmeric, and fennel in food
  • Sip hot water during the day
  • Practice yoga

Some Yoga Asanas for detoxification are pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and bandhas (locks).

The Crux

The definition of health is not only to eat healthily but to live healthily. Detoxification or cleansing the body is an essential part of life because the toxins inside can lead to bigger health problems. 

Ayurveda, “The Science Of Life” is vast. It has solutions for everything and is not harmful. Practising Ayurveda only helps one to thrive in life and health.

“Health is not a mere absence of disease. Health is being established in the Self. It is the dynamic expression of life.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This article is reviewed by Dr. Jyoti Lakhani



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