About Us

LivAyur is a growing health & wellness platform that aims at providing information on Ayurveda, Yoga, and other holistic natural health. In addition to this, one can also gain in-depth knowledge of wellness therapies and their benefits with scientific research-backed data from across the globe.

Built on India’s treasure trove of Ayurvedic wisdom, LivAyur aims at becoming a one-stop online platform for credible and scientific Ayurvedic information.

Who are we?

LivAyur is a platform that not only brings you the most beneficial information for health and wellness, but is also a repository of premium content if you’re seeking knowledge to improve your health. Those suffering from lifestyle disorders due to living a hectic, urban life, can access articles and video content authored by our qualified experts, containing tips and advice that can help you make the best health decisions.

What do we do?

We offer crucial information related to health and wellness. All the articles and content displayed on the platform are well researched and backed with scientific evidence, researches and studies, ensuring the credibility of the content. Apart from providing valuable information, we also serve as a bridge that can help you get access to content pieces from our highly qualified and skilled experts, which in turn can help you attain your health and wellness needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build India’s largest Ayurveda based digital ecosystem with a comprehensive content bank across health and wellness categories with Ayurvedic as the core theme. We aim to build a platform for patients to discuss A-Z of Ayurvedic lifestyle by harnessing the power of technology to improve health; and to build a forum for Ayurvedic institutions, students and fraternity to have access to informative and educative content. We wish to be the pioneer in providing Ayurvedic & alternative medical solutions for health and wellness based on the latest technology and research.