About Us

LivAyur is an innovation empowered, technology-enabled one-stop health & wellness platform offering web journals, articles, conclusion pieces, health solutions within Health, Wellness, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation along with free consultation. We offer free online consultation wherein one can ‘Talk to an Expert’ or ‘Vaidya’ at no extra cost to understand which product is adept for one to overcome challenges. We are offering a platform that allows health enthusiast & consumers to search, evaluate and gain knowledge about healthy eating, Ayurveda, Yoga and how it impacts for an overall health, wellness, rejuvenation and recovery process. This just mirrors our responsibility in situating the concealed jewels of India as a pioneer in all-encompassing holistic health care.

We offer a range of Ailment prevention, Wellness and Yoga thought provoking, re-engaging and reading materials for consumers. Our extensive postings of Wellness Therapies, Holistic Therapies, benefits of Ayurvedic Herbs which can be cured by incorporating a healthy lifestyle along with delicious ‘Sattvic’ recipes. We are beginning our voyage with a dream to make these conventional practices effectively open to wellbeing lovers from all over the globe. We offer best-in-class in-depth knowledge in choosing the right wellness product with the help of ‘Talk to an Expert’ or ‘Vaidya’ at no extra cost. This is to help one understand which product is apt for certain ailment to overcome physical and mental challenges that comes along with it.

Being a technology-enabled organization, we are glad to expedite the change among the outlook of individuals towards healthy living which comes along with healthy mind, body and soul. We are a tech-savvy team of wizards, with dedicated health support, offering only verified ‘Vaidya’ to hold your hand throughout your journey, along with other team members who are highly passionate about Health & Wellness.

We are extremely passionate about the fact that India is a treasure trove of all old specialty of information and knowledge and we are offering the shrouded pearls of Ayurveda. A wide assortment of research and information are distributed routinely and LivAyur plans to carry all pertinent data to the front line with the assistance of innovation. We are glad to grandstand our rich legacy and information with the goal that it doesn't lose all sense of direction in our rapidly changing cosmopolitan way of life. Our motivating factor is to bring together Wellness & Health enthusiasts in one platform in an easy and meaningful way which is simply 'a click away’.