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LivAyur team is excited to provide the Heart Health Calculator based on the Ayurvedic guidelines on the prevention of developing cardiovascular diseases/conditions & advise lifestyle modifications that may reduce the risk of developing associated cardiovascular ailments or risk factors. Surprisingly, heart disease is no longer an issue restricted to elderly individuals anymore. The prevalence of other risk factors & related co-morbidities are also on the rise. This free diagnostic tool is a genuine effort towards making a conscious decision to adopt an Ayurvedic way of life.

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What is a Heart Health Calculator?

The LivAyur Heart Health calculator is a non-intrusive screening tool that may help to determine the risk of future cardiovascular disease. The honest information provided by you can help assess how healthy your heart is & take steps to reduce the risk. Certain lifestyle changes & adherence to healthy habits help prevent life-threatening heart-related problems positively. Still not sure what are the heart-related challenges?

What information does it require?

The steps involved are straightforward.
Need to take into consideration factors such as:

It is fine to use this calculator without the knowledge of blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes but the results may not be accurate