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shilajit side effects

Shilajit is a multi-constituent natural substance used in medicines that originated in our homeland, India. The source of this herbo-mineral is in the high Himalayas, where the hilly tribes first discovered this magical substance. They started using Shilajit and in no time started experiencing the various health benefits of Shilajit. During the summer, when the mountains become warm, the Shilajit resin becomes less dense and starts to flow. The substance is blackish brown or light brown and is water soluble. [1]

Ayurveda has categorized Shilajit under the title of Rasayana drugs, used to treat various ailments and rejuvenate one‘s body from the very core. This natural drug’s immune-modulatory and antioxidant properties can give one longevity and youthfulness. But, nothing in excess is accepted by the body. So, if you take Shilajit in excess, you may experience some unwanted Shilajit side effects. This article will unfold the many Shilajit benefits and uses, Shilajit side effects for males and Shilajit side effects for females. Read on to learn more:

Shilajit uses

  1. Used as a nutritional health drink for children in the Himalayan regions.It is given to children with milk. In other words, instead of the store-bought health drinks, you may use shilajit to supplement your diet. [4]
  2. Shilajit stimulates the action of other drugs and thus, may be used as a drug fortifier. [4]
  3. Shilajit may be used in combination with hot water to make natural ear drops or nasal drops. [4]
  4. One of the shilajit uses is that it can be used as a natural dye for painting your cheeks and tongue. [4]
  5. Shilajit is a powerhouse of antioxidants and several other bio active components, which can make shilajit and anti-aging ingredients. [4]
  6. Shilajit may be used as a deo obstruent capable of opening up all the blocked ducts in your body. [4]

Shilajit benefits for health

Rejuvenates your health

Shilajit is the rejuvenator of health and gives one a long life span. The Rasayana attribute of Shilajit makes it the perfect elixir of life. [2]

Supports brain health

Shilajit improves the cognitive function of the brain and offers nourishment to the brain cells. It is an excellent drug for brain health. [2]

Treats arthritis

Shilajit can help patients with arthritis. Fulvic acid in Shilajit makes it a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This natural drug can reduce inflammation, pain sensation and improve joint mobility. [2]

Serves as an energy booster

Shilajit is an energy booster, and it’s known enough for enhancing one’s vitality. [2]

Treats anemia

Shilajit has huge amounts of iron. Therefore, taking shilajit is a great way to treat anemia or low haemoglobin. [4]

Protects from liver cancer

Shilajit plays an important role in controlling the proliferation of cancerous cells in the liver. [4]

Treats ulcers

Shilajit has anti-ulcer properties. This miraculous product from the womb of Mother Nature can prevent the formation of gastric and duodenal ulcers. [1]

Manages anxiety

Shilajit has the power to calm one’s mind and bring down the levels of anxiety in someone suffering from severe anxiety and depression. [1]

Improves sperm count and libido

Shilajit is a natural aphrodisiac. It has spermatogenic properties and increases libido and stamina. [1]

Shilajit Side Effects

May Cause Digestive issues

Over consumption of Shilajit may cause digestive issues, such as an upset stomach, acidity, flatulence, and other such symptoms of poor digestion.. [2]

May cause Toxicity or Lead Contamination

Shilajit has a wide range of metals, including heavy metals like lead and iron. Therefore, long-term use of Shilajit may cause toxicity, leading to notable Shilajit side effects for males and Shilajit side effects for females. [3]

May cause Dizziness

Intake of Shilajit may cause dizziness for some people, but more research is needed to support this side effect of Shilajit.

May cause Nausea

For some people, Shilajit supplements may cause nausea and vomiting. Nausea may be related to digestive issues that people may face as one of the Shilajit side effects. But again, more research is needed to prove the Shilajit side effect.

Drops blood pressure

Shilajit can lower blood pressure effectively for people with high blood pressure. [4] But those who are taking high blood pressure medications must exercise caution as Shilajit may cause the blood pressure to drop drastically to dangerously low levels.

Drops blood glucose levels

Shilajit has an anti-diabetic effect [4]. Still, people who are on diabetes medications must consult their doctor before taking it, as the supplement may lead to a fatal drop in blood sugar.


1. Is Shilajit an alternative to a balanced diet?

No, Shilajit is never an alternative to a balanced diet. A nutritious diet is indispensable; Shilajit can only complement a healthy lifestyle. [2]

2. Can everyone take Shilajit supplements?

Yes, everyone can take Shilajit supplements. But, women who are carrying or lactating moms or people with some kind of health condition must talk to the doctor before taking Shilajit supplements. [2]

3. How to take Shilajit?

Shilajit may be taken with milk for breakfast or after meals. [5]

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Shilajit is one of the most important ingredients in the realm of Ayurveda. It comes with several benefits for humanity. As a Rasayana medication, Shilajit can cure almost every human ailment. But you need to be cautious about selecting your Shilajit supplement because you may fall prey to Shilajit capsule side effects. Getting low-quality Shilajit may lead to adverse side effects. Also, you are advised not to take raw Shilajit as the chances of facing unwanted side effects get amplified when you consume raw, unpurified Shilajit.


This article is written from a health and wellness perspective and is not medical advice. Kindly seek the help of a certified medical practitioner before initiating any treatment.


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