Exploring the Health Benefits of Ghritkumari

Exploring the Health Benefits of Ghritkumari 1 11zon

Ghritkumari has been used for health and healing for a very long time. Many cultures knew about its special powers. Now, science is finding out why it works. The gel inside the leaves can help with many things – it can soothe sore skin, help digest food better, and keep your body strong against sickness. This plant lives in dry desert places but can do great things. Let’s learn why people say this aloe vera plant is so good for health.

The medicinal properties of Ghritkumari

  • The gel inside the leaves can be applied to the skin to help soothe sunburns, rashes, cuts, and dry skin. It is very cooling and healing.
  • Drinking aloe vera juice can help digestion and absorption of nutrients. It helps food move smoothly through the intestines.
  • Eating ghritkumari may boost immunity. It contains compounds that help the body fight viruses and harmful bacteria to keep us healthy.
  • The plant grows well in hot, dry areas but contains over 200 active ingredients to prevent and treat illness.

Nutrition Facts of Ghritkumari

NutrientAmount per 226.8 g or 8 Ounces
Calories37 kcal
Carbohydrates9.3 g
Sugar9.3 g
Protein0 g
Fat0 g
Sodium20 mg
Vitamin C9.4 mg (10% DV)

This table format clearly displays each component of Ghritkumari’s nutritional profile.

Different ways to use Ghritkumari

  1. You can scoop out the gel inside the leaves and apply it directly to your skin to help soothe sunburns, minor cuts, insect bites, and dry skin. The cooling gel provides relief.
  1. Drink aloe vera juice to help improve digestion and immunity. The nutrients and compounds in the juice can help your stomach digest food and strengthen your body to fight illnesses.
  1. Add aloe gel or juice to your favourite smoothie or juice for an antioxidant and vitamin boost. It blends well with other fruits and vegetables.
  1. Take aloe vera supplements in capsule or tablet form for internal health benefits. They make it easy to get a regular dose of nutrients.

Facts and Myths of Ghritkumari


  • Ghritkumari is loaded with powerful antioxidants belonging to a large family of substances known as polyphenols. 
  • It is well-known for its skin healing properties, particularly in soothing burns, sunburns, and other minor skin irritations, enhancing skin recovery.
  • Aloe vera juice is sometimes used as a laxative for its effectiveness in relieving constipation.
  • Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera can help reduce dental plaque buildup and combat gum inflammation.


  • There’s a common myth that aloe vera is a cure-all that can treat primary health conditions like cancer or heart disease.
  • While it’s often regarded as safe, aloe vera can cause side effects in some people, including allergic reactions and gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Only some people should consume aloe vera, especially internally.

Health benefits of Ghritkumari

Ghritkumari is a staple in skincare routines and offers numerous health benefits when used appropriately. Here are these benefits:

1. Helps in digestion

The gel found inside the Ghritkumari leaves helps with digestion. It contains compounds that ease stomach cramps and pain. It also helps the gut absorb nutrients from food. So it can help if you feel bloated or have digestive issues.

2. Builds immunity

Ghritkumari strengthens your immune system and makes it work better. Your body becomes able to fight infections and diseases more easily. Some studies have shown that taking Ghritkumari daily can help you get fewer colds or flu.

3. Has anti-inflammatory property 

The gel reduces swelling, irritation, and soreness in the body. This is known as inflammation. So, if you injure yourself or have a painful condition, Ghritkumari gel can relieve and diminish the inflammation.

4. Acts as an antioxidant support

It has compounds that act as antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants protect your cells and prevent damage from free radicals. This helps control aging and disease. Ghritkumari helps support the effects of antioxidants. 

5. Helps regulate blood sugar levels

For those with diabetes or high blood sugar, Ghritkumari may help to improve blood sugar control. It assists the body in better using insulin to control glucose levels.

6. Helps in healing skin

It has a cooling, soothing effect on the skin. You can apply the gel over cuts, burns, scrapes or rashes to speed up skin healing. It also keeps the area moist and reduces pain.

7. Helps sunburn  

After too much sun exposure, rubbing some Ghritkumari gel on sunburnt skin provides a calming effect. The natural properties immediately soothe the burning feeling and pain.

8. Acts as a detoxifying agent

It helps the body eliminate waste products and toxins from your cells and organs. This cleanses your system and supports overall health. Ghritkumari has compounds to optimize detoxification.

Precautions of Ghritkumari

  • Always perform a patch test before using aloe vera topically, as some people may have allergic reactions.
  • There’s limited research on the effects of aloe vera during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 
  • Aloe vera can interact with certain medications, including diuretics, laxatives, and drugs that affect potassium levels. Consult your healthcare provider if you’re on medication.


Ghritkumari has been used in traditional healing practices for centuries. Modern research shows the gel and juice contain active compounds that can soothe skin irritation, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and support immunity. Aloe vera has antioxidant, antibacterial, and wound-healing properties when appropriately supplemented or applied topically. However, precautions should be taken regarding allergic reactions and medication interactions.


1. Does Ghritkumari help with acne scars?

Yes, aloe vera gel can reduce the appearance of acne scars thanks to its healing properties. Gently rub it on scars daily.

2. What is the use of Ghritkumari?  

Ghritkumari has many uses – it can soothe skin irritations, relieve constipation, lower blood sugar, boost digestion and immunity, and more.

3. Can we take Ghritkumari daily?

You can take a small amount of aloe vera gel or juice daily. It offers health-promoting compounds. But moderation is key.

4. What are the side effects of consuming Ghritkumari?

Some people may get stomach pain, cramps, or diarrhoea. Stop consuming it if this happens.

5. What is the difference between aloe vera and ghritkumari?

There is no difference – ghritkumari is the Sanskrit name for the aloe vera plant used in Ayurvedic medicine. Both of them have the same healing properties.


1. Ghritkumari is loaded with powerful antioxidants (researchgate.net)

2. Help soothe sunburns, minor cuts, insect bites, and dry skin. (researchgate.net)

3. The gel found inside the Ghritkumari leaves helps with digestion. (researchgate.net)

4. For those with diabetes or high blood sugar, Ghritkumari may help to improve blood sugar control. (researchgate.net)

5. Ghritkumari has compounds to optimize detoxification. (researchgate.net)6. You can apply the gel over cuts, burns, scrapes or rashes to speed up skin healing. (researchgate.net)


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