Dr Sunanda Ranade

Dr. Sunanda Ranade

Dr Sunanda Ranade


  • B.A.M.S in Ayurveda.
  • Ph.D in Ayurveda.


Chairman at the International Academy of Ayurveda.

Dr. Sunanda, an Ayurvedic expert, specializes as a gynecologist and nutritionist. With her extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine, she has provided consultations to thousands of patients, significantly enhancing their overall well-being.

Dr. Sunanda is a distinguished author with several renowned publications to her name, including the widely acclaimed ‘Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking.’ This exceptional work delves into fundamental aspects of nutrition through Ayurvedic principles, encompassing guidelines for food selection, optimal eating practices, cooking methods, and an array of recipes aligned with Ayurvedic philosophy.


  • Establishment of the International Academy of Ayurveda in 1996 under the guidance of Dr. Sunanda Ranade.
  • Esteemed Member Of Central Council of Research in Ayurveda. 
  • Professor And Head Of The Department Of Ayurveda, Pune University. 
  • Conducted International Seminars On Ayurveda And Yoga.
  • Organized And Conducted Several Ayurvedic And Medical Seminars.
  • Treated Thousands Of Patients Worldwide Through Ayurvedic Medicines. 
  • Provided Explanations On The Treatment Of Various Diseases From An Ayurvedic Perspective. 
  • Author Of Several Books Including:

-‘Around The World With Ayurveda And Yoga’.

-‘Ayurvedic Way Of Patient Examination’.


Dr. Sunanda, an Ayurvedic doctor with 47 years of experience, has dedicated her career to the field. With her expertise and deep knowledge of Ayurveda, she has successfully treated thousands of patients over the years.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Ayurvedic Gynaecology And Nutrition.
  • Actively Advocates For An Ayurvedic Lifestyle.