How Meditation Helps Manage Stress and Boost Immunity

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Are you eager to boost your immune power and mental calmness? If yes, you have come to the right place. We will tell you how to increase your immunity and decrease stress levels by simply meditating. In other words, this article will explore the connection between meditation and the immune system and will explain how it works. Read on:

What is immunity meditation?

Meditation for immunity is mindfulness meditation in which you must focus on the ‘Now’ and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings in the present moment. When you are attuned to the thoughts and feelings in the present moment and aware of the sensory experiences without judgment, you can easily control your racing thoughts and eliminate stress and negativity. [9] [10]

This type of meditation has a compelling impact on the biological processes controlling disease development. Therefore, training your mind with the correct meditation techniques can strengthen your immunity power without applying pharmaceuticals. 

Benefits of meditation to boost the immune system

1. Relieves stress

Increasing stress levels can give your immune system a massive blow. Studies show that high stress levels may suppress both cellular and humoral immunity. That increases your vulnerability to diseases. Practicing mindfulness meditation for immunity can disrupt the harmful stress cycle and calm you down. This boosts your immunity power. [1]

2. Increase IgG antibody

Immunity meditation involves slow-paced, focused breathing. Such a breathing technique can enhance your immunity power. According to scientific research, slow breathing can increase the production of IgG, an antibody that fights infection. [2]

3. Reduces inflammation markers

Mindfulness meditation can reduce inflammation markers. High levels of these markers are strongly associated with weakened immunity and disease. [4] [5]

4. Increases CD-4 cells

Mindfulness meditation for immunity caused an increase in the number of CD-4 cells, which serve as the helper cells of the immune system, primarily involved in sending signals to other cells, instructing them to destroy pathogens. [7]

5. Increases Telomerase activity

The immune system meditation increased telomerase activity. Telomerase helps in promoting the stability of chromosomes and preventing their deterioration. Telomerase deterioration can lead to premature aging and cancer. [6]

6. Ability to handle stressful tasks

When it comes to re-engaging with the tasks that were stressing you out, they may not be as overwhelming as before. This is because you have developed more self-compassion, a positive mood, attentiveness, and patience. [8]

7. Makes you feel happy

Studies show that when you meditate, you start feeling happy. The reason behind this is the release of dopamine, a hormone renowned as the ‘feel happy’ hormone. Meditation makes you enter into a different state of consciousness, which triggers the production of high amounts of dopamine. [3]

Thus, meditation for the immune system and its positive results have intrigued the researchers due to the growing evidence that shows that mindfulness has a positive, beneficial effect on your immune system.

Tips to practice meditation for immunity & stress relief

Here are some vital tips for practicing meditation for the immune system and stress:

  1. Begin meditating for shorter durations initially. Later, you can increase your duration.
  2. Choose a quiet place with fewer distractions to meditate.
  3. You may keep the lights on while meditating.
  4. Use a timer to time your meditation session
  5. Try not to skip the meditation session even for a single day
  6. Keep your upper body straight but not stiff.
  7. Rest your upper arms in a position that is parallel to your upper body.
  8. Pause the meditation if you need to make some bodily adjustments during the meditation session.


1. What are the benefits of an active immune system?

If you have an active immune system, you will have better resistance power against diseases and will fall sick less often. Also, enhanced immunity power can keep age-related diseases at bay, reduce inflammation within the body, and slow down aging.

2. Can green tea improve your immunity power?

Epigallocatechin, a powerful antioxidant in green tea, comes with free radicals-scavenging properties. That works in favor of the immune system.

3. Is vitamin C good for immunity?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and can support the various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. Therefore, vitamin C is undoubtedly good for your immunity. [11]

4. Can sleep improve my immunity power?

Yes, sleep can improve your immunity power. When you sleep, protective cytokines are released by your immune system. These cytokines can defend your body against disease-causing microbes, inflammation, and stress.

5. Can sun exposure enhance my immunity?

Yes, sun exposure can enhance your immunity. You get natural vitamin D from the sun, and vitamin D has an immunomodulatory effect.


Despite a lack of understanding of the precise mechanism, there is considerable evidence to show that mindfulness meditation helps boost your immune system against disease, thereby fostering health and wellness. So, try to take wellness breaks amid your everyday tasks with mindfulness meditation. It will bolster your immune system and help you live a healthy and hearty life.


This article has been written from a health and wellness perspective. It is not a piece of medical advice.


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