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Positive Thinking: Impact on Body and Mind

With our skeptical brains, many of us dismiss the notion of positivity or positive thinking out of hand. Yet, from our personal interactions and...

Ayurveda Can be Your First Line of Treatment for Anxiety Management

Anxiety and stress are inescapable realities of modern living and some amount of anxiety is actually normal. Unfortunately, today many of us suffer from...

Take a Break From Stress With Meditation

The hectic modern lifestyle that we follow today is one of the main reasons for stress. There’s so much pressure on everyone, everybody is...

Way to Mindfulness via Meditation

There’s always so much going on in our minds. The pattern of thoughts can run from anywhere – thinking about how to get the...

Mindfulness and Meditation: What Is It and How to Practice?

Mindfulness meditation is a human being’s basic ability to be completely present in the midst of the task at hand, aware of where you...




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