Ayurveda’s Take on Daily Water Intake

Ayurvedas Take on Daily Water Intake 2

The human body is 60% water and we constantly lose water throughout the day through urine, sweat and also through some other regular body functions such as breathing. Losing excessive water can result in dehydration, therefore we need to get plenty of water (and other fluids) from food and beverages to keep our body functioning well. 

There are several different opinions on how much water must you consume every day. Some experts recommend drinking nearly 2-3 liters, while some believe that sipping on water constantly throughout the day is ideal. However, Ayurveda’s take on this subject is a little different. Here we tell you how everything you need to know about drinking water according to Ayurveda.  

How Many Litres of Water to Drink a Day?

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The amount of daily water intake, according to Ayurveda, should depend on your age, the number of physical activities you do daily, your stress levels, type of food intake, and lastly your body type. Those who have predominant Pitta Dosha are often thirstier and have the constant urge if drinking water. The ones with Vata dosha, on the other hand, are mostly constipated or have dry skin, therefore they need to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day. According to Ayurveda, not only the amount but also the way you drink water affects your health. Therefore, it is essential to drink water a certain way. What is the right way you ask? Here it is. 

The Right Way of Drinking Water

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Following are some essential guidelines laid by Ayurveda regarding water intake:  

  • Water should always be consumed while being in a seated position. This helps in the absorption and proper distribution of water. Drinking water while standing must be avoided.
  • Water must be consumed in small sips from a glass. Gulping down big sips in a single breath is not advised. 
  • The water that you drink must ideally be warm or room temperature. Drinking ice-cold water can be harmful to your health in the long run. 
  • Drink water whenever your body asks for it. It will help you fulfill your daily requirements.

The Takeaway

There is no hard and fast rule about a certain amount of water that must be consumed, everything – including your age, body type, season and your location will have an impact on the amount of water you consume and require. Your body will indicate if you are not drinking enough water. You’ll see signs such as dark yellow colored urine or dried lips. These are some of the first signs your body gives you when you’re not well hydrated. If you notice these signs, it’s ideal that you sip on some water. 


Dr. Ashwini Konnur

Dr. Ashwini has 17 years of experience in Clinical Practice, Research & Education in the field of Ayurveda with competency in acute & chronic conditions & lifestyle diseases. She has also expertise in treating Female Infertility disorders, other Gynecological Problems & General disorders along with specialised focus in Ayurvedic detoxification therapies, Panchakarma & other Ayurvedic treatments


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