Herbal Remedies to Control Hypertension

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Herbal Remedies to Control Hypertension

Are you suffering from high blood pressure levels? If yes, then treat it immediately. Otherwise, your blood vessels may get damaged and cause severe diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cerebral strokes, kidney failure, etc. [1] The good thing about managing high blood pressure (BP) is that you can manage your high BP through simple blood pressure herbal remedies. 

The ancient healing science of Ayurveda talks about several herbal remedies for hypertension or high blood pressure. The herbs prescribed in the Ayurvedic texts can help regulate blood pressure levels naturally and easily. This article will inform you about high blood pressure, its causes, and the natural remedies to treat it. Read on

What is High Blood Pressure? [2]

To keep alive and function properly, the organs and tissues of your body need a steady supply of oxygenated blood that your circulatory system circulates throughout the entire body. 

When your heart beats, it produces a pressure that pushes the blood through a network of tube-like blood vessels, which include veins, arteries, and blood capillaries. This pressure is the blood pressure, and it is the result of two major forces. The first force is called systolic pressure. It is generated as blood pumps out of your heart and into the arteries of the circulatory system. The second force is called diastolic pressure. It is generated as the heart rests between the heartbeats. These two vital forces are each represented through numbers in a blood pressure reading.

Now, if you are told that you have high blood pressure, what does that mean? High blood pressure, also known as ‘hypertension,’ occurs when the pressure, i.e., the force exerted by your blood knocking against the blood vessel walls, is consistently high.

For most adults, regular blood pressure reading is below 120 over 80 mm of mercury (mm Hg), recorded as your systolic blood pressure reading over your diastolic blood pressure reading — 120/80 mm Hg. Your BP is considered high when you have consistent systolic pressure readings of 130 mm Hg or even higher and diastolic pressure readings of 80 mm Hg or higher.

High Blood Causes [3]

The main causes and triggers of high blood pressure are:

  1. Aging: When you age, your blood vessels become stiff and thickened. That makes you fall prey to high blood pressure. Taking herbs that dilate blood vessels may help address this cause of high blood pressure to a certain extent.
  2. Genetics: Certain genes and DNA changes in the unborn baby in its mother’s womb can lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, high blood pressure runs in the family.
  3. Salt or Sodium Sensitivity: Some people have increased sensitivity to salt or sodium. That increases the chances of high blood pressure.
  4. Medicines: Certain medications may increase the risk of high blood pressure. Medications like antidepressants, contraceptive pills, decongestants, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs come with blood pressure-elevating impacts.
  5. Other Health Conditions: Certain conditions affect how your body uses and controls sodium, fluids, and hormones. That may raise your blood pressure levels. Health issues like thyroid gland malfunctioning, chronic kidney problems, obesity, sleep apnoea, metabolic syndrome, and certain tumors may elevate your blood pressure levels.
  6. Wrong lifestyle habits: Certain unhealthy habits may increase your susceptibility to high blood pressure. Habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, eating high-sodium foods, high caffeine intake, sleep deprivation, using illegal drugs, and physical inactivity are the main triggers for high blood pressure or hypertension.

Best Herbal Remedies for Blood Pressure

1. Amalaki: 

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry is one of the best herbs to control hypertension. It widens blood vessels and reduces the pressure of blood on the arteries. You may take Amla juice in the morning or consume Amla in powder mixed with honey. [7]

2. Sarpagandha: 

Sarpagandha contains reserpine, an extremely effective chemical in slowing heart rate. A lower heart rate would consequently help in reducing blood pressure or hypertension. You may take Sarphgandha in tablets that are easily available from Ayurvedic practitioners. [8]

3. Tulsi: 

Eugenol in Tulsi helps widen the blood vessels by removing toxins responsible for tightening them. Widened blood vessels lower the pressure of blood and consequently control hypertension. Tulsi is easily available in Indian households. You may chew on some Tulsi leaves or make herbal Tulsi tea to reap the benefits of the holy basil. [4]

4. Garlic: 

Lahsun or Garlic is probably one of the best hypertension herbal remedies. It is highly rich in nitric oxide, which helps dilate blood vessels. Garlic, the natural blood thinner, can be easily included in the diet to control hypertension. You may chew raw garlic in the morning and include garlic in cooking. [6]

5. Honey: 

Rich in antioxidants, Madhu or honey can be extremely useful to control hypertension. Honey helps to relax the walls of the blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. You may take it with warm water every morning to reap its numerous benefits. [5]

6. Bhringraj: 

Highly rich in antioxidants, Bhringraj regulates blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscles, further aiding in controlling hypertension. You may take Bhringraj as juice or tablets to lower blood pressure. With the help of Bhringraj’s herbal remedies, blood pressure can be controlled effectively.

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Levels [3]

  1. Yoga and Meditation: Yoga and meditation are effective ways to control hypertension and boost the functioning of the heart. Stress is one of the leading causes of hypertension. By managing stress effectively with Yoga and meditation, you might be able to lower your blood pressure. 
  2. Balanced Diet: A balanced diet is the best way to control hypertension. A balanced diet depends on your Dosha, the season, and the laws of Viruddha Ahara. Ensuring all these things while taking your meals can go a long way in lowering blood pressure. Generally, eating many fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts effectively controls high blood pressure. You must avoid eating saturated fats and processed food.
  3. Maintain Healthy Body Weight: Excess body weight is important in causing high blood pressure. Visceral fat, or the fat around the waist, is especially harmful to your body in high blood pressure conditions. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body weight.
  4. Avoid Sodium: Excess sodium intake makes your body retain more water, causing blood pressure to rise. Avoid consuming excess salt to prevent building up sodium levels in the body. You must also refrain from eating packaged food as it contains high sodium.
  5. Quit Smoking and Reduce Drinking: Nicotine makes your blood pressure and heart rate rise. You must quit smoking to control hypertension. Drinking too much alcohol can also build up hypertension. Therefore, you must reduce drinking and consume alcohol in a moderate quantity to lower blood pressure levels.


1. Can high blood pressure cause death?

Yes, high blood pressure or hypertension may cause death. Having high blood pressure increases the chances of brain stroke and heart disease, which could cause death. But with the use of effective herbal remedies for hypertension management, you can lead a healthy life even when you have hypertension.

2. Can I eat eggs if I have high blood pressure?

Eggs are allowed for high blood pressure because the consumption of eggs has no significant impact on your systolic and diastolic pressures.

3. Which fruit is the best for managing high blood pressure?

According to studies, Kiwi fruit significantly impacts your pressure readings. Consumption of three Kiwi fruits per day can lower your blood pressure dramatically. [9]

4. Can I eat red meat if I have high blood pressure?

If you have high blood pressure, you must avoid red meat. Scientific research shows that red meat can increase your blood pressure as red meat is high in sodium and saturated fats. [10]

5. Is the juice of banana stems good for high blood pressure management?

Yes, it is. Drinking the juice of banana stems every day can help lower your BP. Banana stem juice is high in potassium, an important mineral for healthy blood pressure regulation. The presence of potassium in banana stem juice can also help maintain the fluid balance in your body.


High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the gravest diseases with devastating consequences. You must control your hypertension. Fortunately, many herbal and home remedies exist to aid the process. With appropriate herbal remedies, hypertension may be controlled significantly. Although many herbs can lower blood pressure, you must consult an Ayurvedic practitioner before taking any of them. Besides using herbal remedies for hypertension, you must embrace a healthy lifestyle for effective management of high blood pressure. Lifestyle changes like quitting alcohol and smoking, avoiding high-sodium foods, and maintaining a healthy body weight can make a big difference. Also, include Yoga and meditation in your daily life to regulate your blood pressure levels. 


The information provided here is for general information and is not meant to substitute any medical advice. Please consult your doctor for appropriate medical consultation.


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