6 Best Foods For Weight Loss

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Excessive weight can lead to many chronic conditions, including heart problems, diabetes, etc. Therefore, managing weight is extremely important.

Are you also trying to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle? If yes, then keep reading. Here are the best foods for weight loss. 

Best Foods For Weight Loss

  • Beans, Chickpeas, Lentils & Peas

Beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas, collectively known as pulses, are rich in protein and fibre, the two nutrients that promote satiety. As a result, pulses are known to influence weight loss significantly. Many studies have also confirmed the effect of pulses on losing weight (1).

  • Nuts

Nuts are loaded with protein and fibre and thus help in keeping you full. They have also been found to promote metabolic health and promote weight loss (2). 

Furthermore, many studies have found that people who eat nuts tend to maintain a healthier weight than people who don’t (3).

However, since nuts are energy-dense foods, you must eat them in healthy portion sizes. 

  • Whole Grains

Many studies have shown that a diet rich in whole grains can help promote healthy weight loss (4). 

Whole grains are loaded with fibre and also contain a decent amount of protein, making them one of the best foods to promote fullness. 

  • Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts are some of the best foods for weight loss. They are high in fibre, contain a decent amount of protein and are also low in calories, making them perfect for losing weight (5). 

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  • Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like kale, spinach, etc., are packed with fibre and nutrients that help keep you satiated and hydrated. In addition, they also contain thylakoids, plant compounds that help increase satiety and improve appetite management (6) (7) (8). 

  • Potatoes and Other Root Vegetables

Potatoes and other root vegetables are some of the best foods for weight loss. Boiled white potatoes even score the highest in the satiety index, meaning you are more likely to feel full naturally after eating them (9).

Additionally, if you allow potatoes to cool after boiling, they will form high amounts of resistant starch, a substance with several health benefits, including weight loss (10). 

More Weight Loss Tips

  • Only diet cannot help you lose weight. Exercise and physical activity are important. Therefore, exercise every day.
  • Eat with mindfulness. Do not allow yourself to get overly hungry, and do not overeat. 
  • Plan your meals ahead of time to make sure you eat healthy foods. 
  • Take adequate sleep and manage your stress with stress Relieving techniques like yoga, Tai chi, etc.

The Takeaway

All the foods mentioned above can help you lose weight and maintain a healthier weight. However, these are all generic foods that have helped improve the lifestyle of the majority of people. Therefore, you must consult a doctor before incorporating any of these foods into your diet, as each body is different. In addition to eating these foods, you must also lead a healthier life. Avoiding junk foods and processed foods is also equally important.


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