10 Simple and Essential Beginners Yoga Poses for Good Health

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Yoga is one of the healthiest lifestyle habits that you can incorporate. It offers various physical, emotional and mental health benefits to the body and mind. Regular practice of Yoga can improve muscle tone, flexibility and balance as well as alleviate stress and anxiety.  

However, if you have never practised yoga before, it might feel intimidating and overwhelming to start. There are many Yoga poses, each with different benefits and levels of difficulty. Some of the Yoga Asanas that are best for beginners are mentioned below. They are easy to practice at home and guarantee maximum health benefits to your body.    

10 Easy Yoga Poses for Beginners and Their Benefits

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Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend Pose)

  • Sit down and stretch your legs forward. Make sure that your spine is erect.
  • Then, take a deep breath in and slowly raise your arms. 
  • Next, start bending your body towards your toes while keeping your spine straight. If possible, place your hands on your legs and try to grasp your toes. 
  • Keep stretching your spine and try to bring your navel close to your knees as you gently exhale. 
  • Repeat this Asana 2-3 times.

Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)

  • Stand straight and keep your legs wide apart.
  • Then, pivot your right foot outwards and your left foot inwards at a 45-degree angle.
  • Inhale deeply and gradually lift your hands, bringing them to your shoulder height.
  • Then, exhale slowly and allow your body to turn to make a 90-degree angle with your right knee. Rotate your head towards the right as well.
  • Next, take a deep breath in and gradually lift your body.
  • After a few seconds, exhale as you gently lower your arms and slowly release the pose.
  • Repeat the same steps with the left side of your body.   

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

  • Sit down on your heels while keeping your knees together.
  • Stretch your arms forward and take a deep breath. Then, slowly bend forward and aim to touch the ground with your forehead. Make sure that your arms are placed in the front of your body and your palms are facing down.
  • Next, gently press your chest to your thighs and keep taking deep breaths.
  • You can stay in this pose for as long as you like while maintaining your breathing rhythm. 

Ardha Chakrasana (Half Moon Pose)

  • Stand straight with your spine erect and feet slightly kept apart.
  • Then, inhale deeply and lift your hands upwards. 
  • Slowly start stretching your hands towards your back without bending your knees.
  • Stay in this pose for a few seconds and keep taking deep breaths. 
  • Then, slowly exhale and release the pose. 
  • Repeat this Asana 4-5 times.

Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend Pose)

  • Stand straight and take a deep breath. 
  • Then, slowly lift your head above your head. 
  • Next, exhale and bend your body towards your feet. Aim at touching the ankles of your feet with your hands and your knees with your head. Make sure that your body remains erect. 
  • Then, inhale again and lift your body. 
  • Exhale and lower your arms to release the pose.

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Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

  • Stand erect while keeping your feet and knees together. 
  • Then, bend your knees forward and lower your hips so that they form a 90-degree angle with the floor.
  • Next, lift your arms and stretch them overhead to align them with your ears.
  • Stay in this pose for a few seconds while taking deep breaths. Then, slowly release the pose. 

Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose)

  • Keep your spine erect and sit down in a way that the soles of your feet are placed down to your pelvis while touching each other.
  • Then, grasp your feet with your hands and gently press the heels towards your genitals.
  • Next, take a deep breath and try to touch the floor with your thighs and knees as you exhale slowly.
  • Flutter your legs like a butterfly, increasing the speed as you go.
  • Continue taking deep breaths while maintaining a straight spine. After 5-10 minutes, gently release the pose.

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

  • Stand straight with your spine erect and aim to balance your body solely on your left leg.
  • Then, lift your right leg slowly and bend it at the knee. Ensure that your right foot touches the inside of your left thigh and your toes are pointed downwards.
  • Join your palms like you are praying, and then slowly raise your arms above your head. Stretch them upwards as much as possible.
  • Continue taking deep breaths as you maintain this pose for a few seconds. Then, gradually lower your hands and right leg and come back to the original position.
  • Repeat the same steps with your right leg.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

  • Set yourself in a table pose and inhale deeply.
  • Then, slowly exhale and lift your hips to straighten your legs.
  • Next, form an inverted V shape with your body while keeping your hands pressed to the ground.
  • Stay in this pose for a few seconds while gazing at your navel and taking deep breaths.
  • Then, exhale and gradually release the pose. 

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

  • Stand straight with your feet kept apart.
  • Then, interlock your fingers and slowly raise your arms above your head.
  • Take a deep breath and slightly elevate your heels to stand on your toes. Keep stretching your shoulders and raising your arms.
  • Then, after a few seconds, exhale and gently lower your heels and arms.

The Takeaway

The Yoga Asanas mentioned above are the best for beginners and can be easily practised at home. These Yoga poses will help you bring back the balance of your mind, body and spirit.



Suchitra Marwah

Suchitra is a certified yoga teacher with a specialized focus on Yoga for Children, Corporate professionals, Women's Health & Pregnancy