8 Easy Yoga Poses to Detox Your Body

Detox With Yoga

Whenever you feel exhausted, tired, or weighed down by stress, improper diet, or a lack of exercise, you need to reboot your mind and your body with a good detox. Opting for a detox does not necessarily mean following a rigorous diet plan, going on a juice fast, or consuming a concoction of nauseating herbs. You can detox with yoga, too, with a variety of poses or Asanas that will leave you feeling more energetic on the outside and cleaner on the inside.

Mentioned below are 8 easy poses of yoga for detoxification of body.

Revolved Chair Pose (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

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To begin this Asana, bring your feet together or hip-width apart (based on your comfort). Bend your knees in a manner mimicking the act of sitting on a chair. Ensure that your knees are properly aligned with the centre of your feet. Join your hands at the heart centre and join one elbow to the opposite knee. Make sure your palms are firmly pressed together. Squeeze both your shoulder blades together, while simultaneously opening your chest widely.

Eagle Pose (Garuda-Asana)

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Stand erect with your feet together and your arms by the side. This pose is also known as mountain pose or Tadasana. Raise your left foot, bending your knee. Wrap your left foot around the right leg while you rest the left thigh’s back on your right thigh. Now, cross both arms at the elbow joints, left over right. Bring your palms together, with the fingers pointing upwards. Inhale and maintain the posture for the entire duration of a single inhalation. Exhale and go back to the Tadasana pose. Repeat the Asana on the opposite side.

Sage Twist Pose (Marichyasana)

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Sit on your yoga mat with both legs stretched straight ahead of you. Now, bend your left leg and bring it towards your chest. Twist your torso towards the left knee. Wrap the right arm around your left knee, positioning your knee in the crook of your right elbow. After maintaining this position for numerous breaths, you may swap sides and repeat.

Forearm Wheel (Urdhava Dhanurasana or Chakrasana)

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Get into a reclined position on the back, and gradually press up. The crown of your head needs to be placed gently on the mat. One at a time, come onto your forearms, eventually bringing both forearms placed firmly on the mat. Slowly, perform a backbend, opening through the shoulders. 

Arm Balance (Pincha Mayurasana)

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From “Downward Facing Dog” posture, place your forearms and palms on the floor. Your forearms need to be parallel to each other and shoulder-width apart. Firm the shoulder blades against the back torso, pulling them towards your tailbone. Following this, rotate both upper arms outwards, ensuring that the shoulder blades are broad. Then, hug the forearms inward. Lastly, spread out your palms and press the inner wrists firmly against the floor.

Now, bend the left knee and step your foot in, but keep your right leg active by extending it through the heel. Now, perform a few practice hops before you attempt to launch yourself upside down. Sweep the right leg through a wide arc and kick the left foot off the floor, quickly pushing through your heel to straighten your leg. Hop up and down many times, eventually pushing off the floor a notch higher each time. Every time you hop, you need to exhale deeply.

If your groin or armpits feel a tad tight, it means that your lower back is deeply arched. Draw your navel towards your spine. Squeeze your outer legs together and roll your thighs in. To perform this pose, your head needs to be off the floor. For added focus, you need to locate a spot right between the hands and maintain your gaze.

When you eventually come down, make it a point not to sink onto the shoulders. Keep the shoulder blades lifted, taking one foot down at a time while exhaling.

Eagle Headstand Pose (Salamba Sirsana with Garudasana)

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Kneel on the floor. Lace the fingers together and set your forearms on the floor. The elbows need to be at shoulder width. Roll your upper arms a tad outwards, but press your inner wrists firmly on the floor. The crown of your head needs to be on the floor.

Inhale while you lift the knees off the floor. In a careful manner, walk your feet nearer to your elbows, keeping the heels elevated. Actively lift through your top thighs, thus forming an inverted “V.” Firm your shoulder blades against the back, and then, lift them towards the tailbone so that the front torso stays for the longest possible time.

Exhale thoroughly and lift the feet away from the floor. Take both feet up simultaneously, even though it means bending the knees and hopping lightly off the floor. Turn your upper thighs in very slightly, and press your heels towards the ceiling. If you bent your knees to come up, you must straighten them at this juncture. Place your right thigh over your left. Now, you may choose to stay there in a half bind or wrap your foot around your calf in a full bind. Your thighs need to be pressed into one another.

Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana)

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Begin by lying on your back. Draw the legs back over your head, coming into a “plow” pose. Bring the hands to either side of your spine and gradually bend both knees, pressing your feet up into the air. Lift your kneecaps and draw your belly towards the spine. Maintain your gaze on your toes, and avoid moving the head to either side. On your way down, you need to lower to plow pose and return to the first position.

Boat Pose

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Sit on the floor with the knees bent. Pull back the spine to touch the ground. Once you reach this position, stretch the legs outwards. Pull the upper body to touch the feet. Keep trying until you master the boat pose. Once you have achieved this pose, hold the position for approximately 20 seconds, followed by release of the legs. Attempt this five times.


Yoga and detox are strongly associated. For full power yoga detox, these 8 poses are the most ideal, with each pose helping in the detoxification process. Therefore, if you feel inspired, you may choose to play by your own rules and pick your favourite poses. You can practice yoga for detoxification and experience the benefits whether you are at an advanced or beginner’s level.

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Suchitra Marwah

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