Yellow Dragon Fruit: Everything You Need To Know About It

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Yellow Dragon Fruit Everything You Need To Know About It

Have you witnessed the new growing social media trend about a “detox fruit”? A vibrant, yellow, dragon-like fruit is becoming a rage among foodies and fitness freaks. Introducing yellow dragon fruit, which is an exotic fruit that people are driving crazy about! Yellow dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that has many health benefits to its credit. Initially not known much, this fruit is packed with some really beneficial nutrients that help you keep your body healthy. According to Ayurveda, dragon fruit is referred to as Kamalam, since it resembles a lotus from the exterior, and it pacifies the Pitta Dosha in your body [1]. 

Let us dive into the vibrant world of yellow dragon fruit, explore its nutritional value, health benefits, and the different ways to consume it, and see if it is really worth the hype! 

Yellow Dragon Fruit – Bright Like A Sunshine [2]

Yellow dragon fruit (also known as Pitaya, Pitaya yellow, or strawberry pear) is an exotic fruit that is native to North America, but it is also available in India and has been trending. The fruit is different in color than the red dragon fruit, but its nutritional value and taste remain the same. Pitaya yellow is a tropical fruit with a bright yellow outer skin with scales or spikes radiating like a flame which gives the fruit its unique name (resembling a dragon). It has an oblong shape and a seed-speckled soft white pulp that has a combination of sweet and tangy taste. The fruit’s texture is similar to the kiwi fruit and is packed with several essential nutrients. 

Pitaya yellow is a popular fruit that is used to flavour and add colour to juices and alcoholic beverages. The seed oil contains fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acid, antioxidants, minerals, calcium, and iron. The dragon fruit flowers can be eaten or steeped as tea. Apart from the culinary uses, yellow dragon fruit offers several health benefits which is why it is increasing in popularity. 

Yellow Dragon Fruit Nutritional Value [3]

Below is a list of nutrients present in a 100-gram serving of yellow dragon fruit:

Protein1.3 g
Fiber3.1 g
Carbohydrates 13 g
Calcium 8.5 mg
Fats0.4 g
Magnesium 10%

Amazing Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Health

Here are some incredible Pitaya health benefits that can leave you surprised. 

Rich in Prebiotics [4]

  1. Prebiotics help maintain a proper balance between the good and the bad bacteria in your body.
  2. Dragon fruit contains some important prebiotics that favour the growth of beneficial bacteria, and inhibit the growth of pathogens. 
  3. This keeps your gut healthy and reduces your risk of gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, constipation, or IBS.
  4. The fiber present in yellow Pitaya improves your metabolism and boosts your digestion.

Improves Heart Health

  1. The presence of monounsaturated fatty acids in the seeds reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.
  2. Lycopene is an important phytonutrient present in Pitaya Yellow improving your vascular health and lowering your risk of heart disease. 

Regulates Your Blood Sugar [5]

  1. The glycemic index of yellow dragon fruit is dose-related which means as the amount of dragon fruit consumed increases, the blood sugar levels decrease. 

Boosts Your Immune System

  1. High vitamin C content strengthens the immune system by protecting the cells against free radical damage.
  2. Phenolic acid and flavonoids are potent anti-inflammatory elements that help reduce inflammation in your body. 

Aids in Weight Loss [6]

  1. The betacyanins found in Pitaya help regulate blood sugar levels and improve metabolism to help in weight loss. 
  2. The high fiber content keeps you satiated for a longer period of time, thereby reducing your hunger pangs. 

Helps Pregnant Women [7]

a. Dragon fruit benefits in pregnancy include:

  1. Reduces the risk of anemia
  2. Protects against infections
  3. Boosts bone development
  4. Rescues the risk of pregnancy complications like miscarriages, neural birth defects, and preeclampsia 
  5. Prevents gestational diabetes

Dragon Fruit For Improved Libido

  1. A special chemical called phyto albumin present in dragon fruit can help stimulate sex drive. 
  2. Dragon fruits also improve blood flow to the male genital organs by enabling nitric oxide synthesis. This improves erection in males. 

Improves Skin Health And Hair Growth [8]

  1. The antioxidants present in dragon fruit like vitamin C help reduce hyperpigmentation and fight signs of aging. These nutrients boost collagen and elastin production that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines. 
  2. Vitamin B helps lock moisture giving you smooth, supple, and youthful skin.
  3. Vitamin A helps to promote your hair and scalp health by providing hydration.
  4. Vitamin B1 and B2 strengthen the keratin molecules and stimulate the hair follicles for hair growth.

Storage And Consumption of Pitaya Yellow [9]

Always buy dragon fruit that is firm and ripe. Pitaya fruit can be easily stored at room temperature for up to three days. However, if you need to store them for a longer time, you can refrigerate them for up to one week. 

Different ways to eat yellow dragon fruit:

  1. Slice up the dragon fruit and eat it raw
  2. Eat it as a salad
  3. Make a delicious dragon fruit smoothie, juice, or a dessert
  4. Add it to other dishes like porridge


If you are looking for a blend of loaded nutrients in a single food, then yellow dragon fruit is the best choice for you. Pitaya yellow is a superfood, offering multiple health, skin, and hair benefits that can be consumed in different ways. However, remember to consume it in moderate amounts, since overconsumption can lead to allergic reactions. So what are you waiting for? Go grab dragon fruits and reap their incredible benefits. 


Is it safe to eat yellow dragon fruit every day?

Yellow dragon fruit can be safely consumed every day, but remember not to go overboard. You can safely consume 100 to 200 grams of the fruit every day. 

Are there any side effects of yellow dragon fruit?

Yellow dragon fruit usually does not cause any side effects when consumed in moderation. However, excess consumption can lead to:
Stomach issues like diarrhea and bloating 
Allergic reactions like lip, and tongue swelling, hives, nausea, and vomiting 

What are the different types of dragon fruits?

There are five types of dragon fruits, namely:
Red dragon fruit
Yellow dragon fruit
Pink dragon fruit 
White dragon fruit
Sour dragon fruit 


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Dr Sunanda Ranade

Sunanda Ranade is Vice-Chairman of the International Academy of Ayurved, Pune, India, and an expert Ayurvedic gynecologist and nutritionist. She has been working in this field for the last 47 years. Dr. Sunanda Ranade holds a Doctorate in Ayurveda. She is also the author of several books on Ayurveda and Yoga, which have been published in Marathi, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


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