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arjuna bark

Since immemorial, Arjuna bark has been used in Ayurveda to treat several diseases. Traditional Ayurvedic medicines use Arjuna bark in their composition to reap the many Arjuna bark benefits for health. Arjuna is one of the famed medicinal plants indigenous to India. Terminalia Arjuna is the scientific term used for this medicinal plant. The bark is considered the most vital constituent of this medicinal plant. The health-enhancing constituents of Arjuna bark include flavonoids, polyphenols, triterpenoids, tannins, sterols, and saponins. [1]

arjuna bark benefits

Also, there are a host of healthful minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc, and calcium [1] in Arjuna bark. The amino acids present in the bark include histidine, tryptophan, cysteine, and tyrosine. [1] 

Bhavaprakasha, ancient Ayurvedic literature, describes the Arjuna bark extracts benefits as being beneficial for your heart (hrudya), improving blood purity and quality (raktha sangrahik), and preventing & minimizing the risks of swelling and clogging (shotaghna), apart from helping with other cardiac functions.

This article will serve as a detailed discussion on the various Arjuna bark benefits, uses, side effects, and more.

Arjuna Bark Benefits

Acts as a miraculous cardio-tonic

arjuna bark powder

Arjuna Bark contains glycosides, tannins, and other such powerful antioxidants, which are highly heart-healthy. Using Arjuna Bark, you can strengthen your heart muscles and protect the muscles from the damaging effects of free radicals. This incredible herb can dilate blood vessels, thin your blood, and remove arterial plaque. This helps in unhindered blood flow through the coronary arteries and  reduces the chances of a fatal heart attack due to blockage in the cardiac channels. Ayurveda holds Kapha Dosha responsible for such blockages, which are the Vata-aggravated outcomes of such Kapha Dosha. Also, with Arjuna Bark, you can manage other cardiac issues like rapid heartbeat, palpitations, angina (cardiac/chest pain), heart failure, myocardium necrosis, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure. Arjuna Bark has a compound called Coenzyme Q10, which lowers BP. In other words, one of the Arjuna Bark benefits is that it improves the overall functioning of your heart. [1] Those who are looking for the purest form of Arjuna extracts for keeping their heart healthy and extending their longevity, may place an order for the Zandu Arjuna Capsules available at Zanducare’s Ayurvedic products aim to improve the quality of your life by improving your health. So, don’t delay!

Lowers cholesterol levels

The hypocholesterolemic attributes of Arjuna Bark extracts can help lower the LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase the HDL (good cholesterol) levels. It also reduces the level of harmful triglycerides. [1] This particular action of Arjuna bark improves your cardiac health too. LDL and triglycerides can clog your arteries and result in a deadly heart attack.

Anti-Diabetic potion

Beneficial plant compounds like flavonoids, saponins, and tannins in Arjuna Bark help regulate blood sugar levels by supporting glucose metabolism and curbing sudden glucose spikes. [2]

Protects your liver 

Arjuna shows exceptional hepatoprotective properties against fatty liver disease (steatosis ). Arjunolic acid in Arjuna Bark helps manage the excess fat in your liver and is also an excellent compound for regulating liver function and detoxification. [4]

Promotes brain health

One of the Arjuna bark benefits is that it is a ‘Medha rasayana,’ implying that it can improve your brain functions, memory, and neurological responses. [7]

Cures Urinary Tract Infection the Nature’s way

Arjuna Bark is an excellent remedy for Mutrakcchra (urinary tract infections). The antibacterial properties of Arjuna Bark can effectively manage the painful symptoms associated with UTIs, such as painful urination, burning sensation in the lower abdomen, etc. The bark induces a cooling impact due to its Sital (cold) nature, reducing the burning sensation. Also, it is a diuretic that can increase the urine volume and frequencies, helping you flush out the infection-causing bacteria. [1]

Manages diarrhea

The astringent and anti-microbial properties of Arjuna Bark allow it to control and cure intestinal infection caused by harmful microorganisms. That way, it can fix Atisar (Diarrhea). The Bark extract regulates gut motility and helps in balancing the electrolytes. [3] According to Ayurveda, Arjuna Bark can treat Agnimandya (weakened digestive fire) and Vata imbalance.

Treats Bronchitis

arjuna bark uses

One of the Arjuna Bark powder benefits is that it can improve the health of your lungs and keep issues like Asthma, Cough, Lung infection, and Bronchitis at bay. Ayurveda links Bronchitis or Kasroga to the accumulation of toxins or Ama in your body. This Ama transforms into mucous and collects in your lungs, leading to Bronchitis. Arjuna has Kapha-balancing properties and, therefore, can remove the accumulated mucous from your lungs. [5]

Treats a variety of skin issues

Topical application of a paste of Arjuna Bark or Arjuna Bark powder lepan can treat various skin issues like rashes, itching, psoriasis, and eczema [6]

Arjuna Bark Uses

Apart from being a potent Ayurvedic medicine for several health issues, Arjuna bark powder or extracts in any form may also have the following uses:

An alternative, health-boosting beverage/health drink

Instead of taking the usual masala chai/coffee, you can switch to antioxidants-rich Arjun tea as your daily beverage. You may use milk in the tea and sweeten it with honey (shahad) or jaggery (gud). This heart-healthy beverage may be included in your everyday diet. This herbal formulation is called ‘Ksheer Pak’ in Ayurvedic texts. This preparation is made by adding arjuna bark powder or extracts to boiling water or milk.

As a skincare routine product

In skincare, too, Arjuna bark has a role to play. As per Ayurveda, the bark of the Arjuna plant has slightly pungent, bitter, and astringent attributes, making it a skin-friendly herbal ingredient. It leaves a cooling impact on your physiology and is Kapha and Pitta-pacifying. Kapha and Pitta-related skin conditions, such as pigmentation and acne, can be treated effectively using skincare packs or lepas made of Arjuna bark extracts.

Arjuna Bark Side-effects

So far, no severe side-effect has been reported with the consumption of Arjuna. However, it may produce mild side effects for some people, like nausea, body aches, headaches, gastritis, insomnia, and constipation. [8]


• What is the ideal way to take Arjuna powder?

Arjuna bark powder can be made into a decoction or Kashayam and taken daily at 30 to 40 ml dosage. Also, you can mix Arjuna powder with honey and take 2 to 3 grams daily.

• How to make the decoction of Arjuna Bark?

Step 1
Arjuna Bark is washed thoroughly and sun-dried.
Step 2
It is then powdered and cleaned through a sieve.
Step 3
The powdered Arjuna Bark is soaked in water overnight.
Step 4
The following day, the bark is boiled along with that water and reduced to nearly 1/4th quantity.
Step 5
The next step is straining the liquid, sweetening it with jaggery, and having it.

• Can Arjuna lead be used for washing your hair?

Yes, it can be. The mature leaves of the Arjuna tree must be soaked in water for 8 to 9 hours and then macerated thoroughly. It will give out a gelatinous liquid, which can be used as an infusion to wash your hair. This can make your hair lustrous.


Arjuna enjoys a position of immense importance in the realm of Ayurveda. In India, for over 5,000 years, this herb has been used to cure many diseases. As a powerful antioxidant, the Arjuna bark can be one of the best remedies for several human diseases. Ayurveda considers Arjuna bark a magical potion, and in this article, we have talked about the main Arjuna bark benefits, uses, side-effects, etc.

To learn more about Arjuna bark & benefits, please click on the video link below:


This article is written from a health and wellness perspective and is not medical advice. Kindly seek the help of a certified medical practitioner before initiating any treatment.


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