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Hempushpa is a popular ayurvedic tonic or syrup that has a long history of use in traditional Indian medicine. It is primarily recommended as a female health tonic and is believed to provide various benefits for women’s health. Hempushpa syrup typically includes a combination of several herbs and natural ingredients such as Ashoka, Shatavari, Brahmi, Gokhru, and Lodhra, among others. Although the main hempushpa syrup uses are in the context of women’s health, the syrup has a variety of other therapeutic applications. However, keep in mind that there are hempushpa syrup age limits, with most Ayurvedic practitioners advising against its use for children or senior citizens.

Uses And Benefits Of Hempushpa

Although Hempushpa syrup benefits are widely recognized in Ayurvedic medicine, more research is needed for the medicine to gain acceptance in conventional care. Nevertheless, there is an abundance of evidence confirming the benefits of some of the primary ingredients in this herbal formulation. Some of these benefits include:

Female Reproductive Health

Primary Benefits: The most common of all hempushpa uses is for general reproductive health for women, to regulate and balance the female reproductive system. It is believed to help maintain healthy menstrual cycles, reduce menstrual discomfort, and support overall reproductive health.

Fertility Treatment

Primary Benefits: Like many other Hempushpa benefits, its fertility boosting effects may be linked to ingredients such as Shatavari. These herbs are proven to encourage healthy ovulation and folliculogenesis, although their precise mechanism of action is not clearly understood 1. This could be linked to reduced inflammation in the sexual organs and a boost of testosterone levels.

Hormonal Balance

Primary Benefits: The herbs present in Hempushpa, such as shatavari and ashoka, are traditionally used in Ayurveda to promote hormonal balance in women. This is why Hempushpa syrup is often prescribed for endocrinal disorders that affect hormone levels such as PCOS.

Menstrual Disorders

Primary Benefits: Hempushpa is often used to alleviate symptoms associated with menstrual disorders, such as menorrhagia or heavy bleeding, irregular periods and menstrual cramps. These Hempushpa benefits may also be linked to Ashoka and Shatavari, as research suggests that saponins, tannins, and glycosides in the herbs exhibit uterotonic, anti-estrogenic, and anti-inflammatory effects 2.

Vitality And Libido Boost

Primary Benefits: Hempushpa is believed to enhance energy levels and provide a general sense of well-being. It may be taken as a rejuvenating tonic to combat fatigue and weakness. This is supported by some studies, which show that ingredients like Gokhru can improve sexual arousal and desire 3.

Digestive Health

Secondary Benefits: The Ayurvedic syrup is often recommended for gastrointestinal problems as some of the herbs in Hempushpa are traditionally used to support healthy digestion. It is believed to improve digestion, alleviate indigestion and promote overall digestive wellness.

General Health Tonic

Primary Benefits: Hempushpa syrup is often consumed as a general health tonic for women. It is believed to nourish the body, boost immunity, and promote overall wellness as many of the herbs used in the formulation are associated with women’s health. 

Fights Infections

Secondary Benefits: Herbal ingredients like Ashoka and Lodhra also exhibit antimicrobial effects, making them helpful for immune support, lowering the risk of numerous infections. Studies show that Ashoka is particularly effective at inhibiting the growth of bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella typhymurium, which can cause skin or eye problems and gastroenteritis respectively 4

Hempushpa Side Effects And Precautions

Hempushpa is generally regarded as safe, with no known risk of side effects. However, Ayurvedic physicians advise against the use of Hempushpa for children under the age of eighteen and aged adults. 

Hempushpa Dosage Guidelines

When used for general health and wellness, the recommended dosage for Hempushpa syrup is 7 ml after breakfast and dinner. The dosage requirements can vary, depending on the underlying condition that is being treated, as well as your general health status.


Hempushpa is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy Ayurvedic formulations to support women’s health and wellness, but more research is needed to explore its full potential. To get the best results from your treatment, make sure to talk to an Ayurvedic physician about the appropriate usage and dosage for Hempushpa as well as appropriate combinations.


1. Can Hempushpa cause weight gain?

When used excessively and at a high frequency, it may cause weight gain in some women, but this is mainly associated with an increase in water retention.

2. What are the ingredients in Hempushpa?

Hempushpa formulation can vary and includes over 15 herbs, but some of the main ingredients include Lodhra, Manjith, Anantamul, Bala, Gokhru, Brahmi, Shankpushpi, Ashok, Musali, Shivlingi, Punarnava, Ashvagandha, Daruhaldi, Mulethi, Gand Nagarmotha.

3. Can we mix Hempushpa syrup with Chyavanprash churna?

Although made from natural ingredients, Ayurvedic formulations contain potent herbs and should only be used in the recommended dosage and combinations. Speak to an Ayurvedic physician before combining or using different products together.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general information and not meant to substitute any medical advice. Please consult your doctor for appropriate medical consultation.


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