Hangover Cures: Best Home Remedies to Recover from Hangover

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Home Remedies for Hangover

A hangover is an extremely unpleasant experience. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, and sensitivity to light and noise. There is no surefire way to get rid of a hangover, but there are a number of home remedies that can help people feel better.

However, there are a number of home remedies that can assist people in recovering from a hangover. Continue reading to find out about these home remedies that can help anyone recover from a hangover.   [1]

Best Home Remedies for Recovering From A Hangover

Discover easy and practical ways to recover from a hangover after a night of fun:

  1. Let Time Be The Best Healer 

Time is indeed the most crucial component when it comes to dealing with hangover symptoms. The body has an incredible ability to heal and recover, and given enough time, it can gradually alleviate the discomfort caused by excessive alcohol consumption. [1]

  1. Drink Less  Alcohol 

It is a no-brainer that people who drink small amounts of alcohol are less likely to experience hangover symptoms. This is true even for people who over drink, till intoxicated. So, if you want to avoid a hangover, it is best to drink alcohol in moderation, or not at all. [1]

  1. Drink Fruit Juice 

Fruit juices are a good way to recover from a hangover because they contain antioxidants and have the potential to kill microorganisms. Antioxidants can help to reduce inflammation and damage to cells, which can help to improve symptoms of a hangover such as headache, nausea, and fatigue. Additionally, the antimicrobial properties of fruit juices can help to fight off bacteria that can contribute to hangover symptoms. [2]

  1. Eat a Pear

Pears are a great fruit to eat if you’re feeling hungover. They contain enzymes that can help to break down alcohol and acetaldehyde, a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism that is responsible for many hangover symptoms. Pears can be eaten raw or juiced. [3]

  1. Eat a Mango

Scientists have found that mango flesh and peel may actually help lower alcohol levels in the blood. Mangoes also make certain enzymes more active, which helps break down alcohol. Some components in mangoes, like fructose and aspartate, could even speed up how your body handles alcohol. So, eating mangoes could be a tasty way to help your body when you’ve had too much to drink. [4]

  1. Eat a Piece of Ginger

While ginger might not be the tastiest option, it can be really helpful for getting over a hangover. Its antioxidants make it a great natural choice to deal with the effects of over consuming alcohol. Interestingly, in China, people have been using a mix of tangerine, ginger, and brown sugar to ease the discomfort from drinking too much for a long time. So, don’t underestimate the power of ginger in helping you feel better after a night of drinking! [3]

  1. Drink Water

When one is hungover after consuming a lot of alcohol, symptoms like headache and dry mouth are frequently experienced. Rehydrating your body by consuming water or other non-alcoholic beverages helps with these symptoms. [5]


While hangovers can be a real downer, there’s a silver lining in the form of these home remedies. Remember, time is your ally in recovery, and moderation in drinking goes a long way. Sipping on fruit juices, munching on pears and mangoes, embracing the power of ginger, and savoring some eggs can all aid in shaking off that hangover blues. 

To sum it all up, these home remedies could be a good way to feel better after having too much to drink. Following these tips might help you feel healthier again after a night of celebrating. It’s important to remember that while these remedies can help people feel better after a hangover, they rarely provide a cure. The only way to avoid a hangover is to avoid all alcohol consumption. 


Does sleep help get over a hangover?

While many people believe that sleep can help them recover from a hangover, studies have shown that people with hangovers often have difficulty sleeping. Alcohol can disrupt sleep in a variety of ways, including making it more difficult to fall asleep, waking up more frequently during the night, and decreasing the amount of deep sleep. Even if sleep is difficult to come by when hungover, it is critical to get as much sleep as possible.

 How Long Do Most Hangovers Last?

Hangovers can last between 8 and 24 hours. The duration is determined by factors such as the amount of alcohol consumed, your metabolism, hydration levels, and overall health.

Are These Home Remedies Suitable For Everyone?

Despite the fact that these remedies are generally safe and natural, individual reactions to them may vary. It is best to consult a healthcare professional before attempting any new remedies, especially if you have allergies, dietary restrictions, or medical conditions.

Can These Home Remedies Get Rid of a Hangover?

These remedies may help alleviate hangover symptoms, but they may not eliminate all discomfort. Drinking water, resting, and eating a well-balanced diet are also important for a complete recovery.

Can Detox Help Cure Hangover? 

Yes, detoxing can help with hangovers, given you do it correctly or use the right products. One of the best and natural detox products that can help you with hangover relief is Zandu’s Detox Juice. 

Disclaimer: This article is written from a health and lifestyle perspective. It is for general information and not meant to substitute any medical advice. Please consult your doctor for appropriate medical consultation.


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