15 Proven Ways for Men to Improve Sexual Stamina

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Sexual intimacy is one of the most vital parts of a man-woman relationship. It helps you bond better with your partner and gives your relationship a new dimension. Strong sexual performance is often associated with a sense of fulfillment and self-esteem. [1] But sexual intimacy is not always a bed of roses. There will be dysfunctions and dissatisfactions that often draw partners apart and wreck a relationship. As men are the key ‘do-ers’ in this act, lack of stamina can interfere with the satisfaction associated with lovemaking and the happiness that follows. 

Lack of stamina can result in poor sexual performance and can come along with other male sexual weaknesses such as reduced sex drive or libido, erectile dysfunction, orgasmic dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and sexual dissatisfaction. [1] In this article, we’ll learn how to increase sex stamina for men the natural way.

What is sexual stamina in men?

Sexual stamina refers to the power of man to sustain the act as long as he wants or at least until a break is needed. On average a man can last between the sheets for about 2 to 5 minutes, but if that too is not possible, there is perhaps an issue with the sexual stamina. 

Reduced sexual stamina in males: The Causes

  • Aging
  • Penile trauma [2]
  • Substance abuse [1]
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Health issues like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Stroke, Cancer [2]
  • Anxiety and depression [2]

How to increase sex stamina for male naturally

  1. Try masturbating

You have probably heard of the age-old proverb ‘Practice makes man perfect.’ The same holds true for sex too. Try to masturbate as much as you can. Masturbation allows you to practice the act of sex before the actual opportunity comes, and that improves your sex stamina.

  1. Manage your stress levels

Stress kills your sexual stamina. Suffering from chronic stress due to stressful life situations can make you feel disinterested in sex and therefore weaken your sexual stamina. Also, stress pushes one towards substance abuse [1] and health issues like Diabetes, Hypertension, etc., and that declines the quality of one’s sexual life. Practicing mind-calming activities like yoga, meditation, and recreational activities like listening to music or playing an outdoor or indoor game can help.

  1. Resort to powerful natural resources & herbs

how to increase sex stamina naturally

Mother Nature has gifted some unique natural substances and herbs with immense curative power. Shilajit is one such ingredient from the womb of Nature. Shilajit’s capacity to cure male sexual weaknesses has brought it to the limelight. Shilajit is a tar-like natural substance found in the Himalayan regions. Shilajit oozes out of the Himalayan rocks and is widely used as a cure for weakened sexual stamina in alternative medicines. If you wish to boost your sexual energy and performance with the power of Shilajit, opt for the  Zandu Shilajit pills. These pills can give you the purest form of Shilajit. Also, some very potent Ayurvedic herbs can boost your sexual vigor. Some of these are Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Guduchi, Punarnava, Pippali, Gokhru, Kshirkakoli, Lal chandan, Sariva, and Shalparni. [3] You can take tea made out of these herbs or consume these herbs in the form of pills. These herbs are a perfect answer to how to increase sex stamina for male naturally in hindi.

  1. Boost your melatonin levels

Melatonin is a hormone that your body naturally produces. If the hormone levels are low in your body, you are likely to face weakened stamina and other issues related to your sex life. [4]

  1. Exercise regularly

Cardiovascular exercises can improve your sex stamina and the satisfaction you get from sex. These exercises can strengthen your heart and boost your overall physical ability, manifested in the form of improved sexual performance. [5]

  1. Practice the squeeze pattern

The squeeze technique is an effective way to train yourself to last on the bed for an extended period. You need to squeeze the tip of your sex organ just before attaining orgasm and then wait for about 30 seconds allowing your body to recover before heading for sexual activity. [9]

  1. Focus on your partner

Sexual Intercourse involves two people and is in no way a one-sided deed. So, talk it out with your partner and try to know about her taste and preferences. By focusing on your partner, you can experience more robust arousal and pleasurable sex.

  1. Choose the right beverage

How to increase sex stamina for male

How to increase sex stamina for male with the right beverage? Replace tea with coffee. The caffeine-rich coffee can stimulate your central nervous system and fill your body with a blast of energy. If you are energetic, you’ll perform well in bed. [6] Also, you may opt for the traditional Indian beverage, the Haldi doodh, which has been used for ages as a remedy for weakened virility in man. When crushed turmeric rhizome is added to milk, it becomes a powerful male sexual stamina booster, alleviating issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. [13]

  1. Sleep adequately

You must sleep soundly and adequately. Sleeping for less than seven hours a day can affect your sexual stamina and performance. [7]

  1. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water to hydrate yourself thoroughly. Poor hydration affects a man’s physical stamina. If your body is dehydrated, you will feel less energetic. It will impact your sexual stimulation.

  1. Steer clear of unhealthy habits

If you wish to perform like a power-bomb, you need to give up your unhealthy habits like smoking & drinking alcoholic beverages. Smoking can constrict your blood vessels and reduce the blood supply to your sex organs, thereby negatively affecting your sexual prowess. [8]

  1. Practice the start-stop technique

This technique involves stimulating your sex organ until just before the stage of achieving orgasm and then arresting the stimulation process until the urge to ejaculate subsides. This process is repeated several times so that the man can start recognizing the stage of sexual arousal that precedes orgasm. By practicing the start-stop technique, a man can boost his sex power naturally. So, the start-stop technique is an answer to how to increase sex stamina naturally. [9]

  1. Tackle the chronic health issues

If you are suffering from chronic health issues like Cancer, High blood pressure, prostate enlargement, strokes, [2], etc., you are likely to experience reduced sexual stamina. So, first, you need to address these chronic health issues.

  1. Watch out your diet

Eating a healthy diet is highly crucial. You must eat foods rich in healthy fats, minerals, and proteins. Food items like oysters, eggs, soybeans, turkey, nuts, and fruits like watermelon, banana, and apples are good for great sex. Also, spice up your soups and curries with lots of garlic, as garlic contains allicin, a compound that helps you perform better by increasing blood flow to your sex organ. [10]

  1. Stay away from pornography

Indulging in too much pornography can negatively affect your sexual performance. Studies show that pornographic content can interfere with sexual satisfaction. [11]


1. What is the usual or normal sexual stamina in males and are there medications to stretch that timespan?

A man takes nearly 5 to 7 minutes on average to achieve orgasms and ejaculate. Thus, being able to sustain that long is the normal sexual stamina in males.
However, men looking to last on the bed for a longer timespan can opt for powerful herbal medications free from unwanted side effects. Zandu Vigorex Gold and Zandu Vigorex Max are the best in the market in this respect. These medicines are fortified with potent herbs such as Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Gold, Pearl, and Saffron and can help you perform with unforgettable prowess.

2. Does regular sex improve your sexual stamina?

Sex is a form of cardiovascular exercise, and anything done to boost one’s heart health can also increase one’s sexual stamina and functionalities.

3. How to increase sex stamina for men with the power of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, the ancient medical system, focuses on the Vajikarana treatment for sexual weaknesses, lack of stamina, and poor sexual performance in men. In Sanskrit, ‘Vaji’ stands for ‘horse,’ a     symbol of sexual vigor, and the treatment or ‘chikitsa’ stands for therapy of aphrodisiacs aiming to bestow a man with the sexual power of a horse or immense capacity for sexual activities. [12] 
Vajikarana treatment or vilification therapy includes the following steps:
1. Shodhan, or Body Cleansing through emesis, purgation, and sweating.
2. Administering Herbal or Herbo-mineral formulations [12]
3. Improving overall pleasure through herbal baths, herbal oil massage, listening to soothing music, applying aromatic pastes on the body, etc.


Lack of sexual stamina in men can be both embarrassing and concerning. But, luckily the issue is quite common and is treatable. A man can adopt lifestyle changes and natural remedies to improve his sexual performance and confidence level. So, in this article, you get an answer to ‘how to increase stamina’ in men through natural, non-invasive measures.


This article is written from a health and wellness perspective and is not medical advice. Kindly seek the help of a certified medical practitioner before initiating any treatment.


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