Vajikarana for Increased Sexual Capacity

Vajikarana for Increased Sexual Capacity

The secret to a sane and content life is built on three principle roots – maintaining a balanced diet, a healthy sleep cycle, and a satisfying sexual and conjugal relationship. These three act as the pillars in the life of every healthy individual, and maintaining them at a constant balance is very important. The third pillar has attained great significance, and this has been reflected in an entire order in the world of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has eight major branches known as the Vajikarana Tantra, which talks about male and female sexual problems and how the human mind can deal with them.

The world of Ayurveda has been very open when dealing with the psychological and physical problems related to sex. These include impotence, early ejaculation, poor erection in males, sterility, and frigidity in females. Vajikarana is one of the most popular forms of therapy used to solve problems related to sexual activities in males and females. It is believed that a weak Shukra Dhatu, a term used to refer to the male semen as well as the female egg (as they are said to consist of the essence for all other tissues in the human body), is responsible for every problem that arises in the sexual life of an individual. Vajikarana therapy aims to deal with the Shukra Dhatu because of its crucial role in fulfilling and happy sexual life. The therapy helps you to find out the secret tips behind achieving a normal and mature Shukra Dhatu. Mastering the art of the Vajikarana will help you to live a much healthier and longer life.

Tips to Achieve a Strong Shukra Dhatu

The process of Vajikarana in Ayurveda mainly deals with three sections:

  • A disciplined lifestyle
  • Conditional sexual life
  • Use of Vajirkarana medicines (also known as Aphrodisiac Medicinal Formulations)

Shukra Dhatu is closely linked to good health, and the art of celibacy is connected to the concept of morality. Practicing the Vajikarana in Ayurveda with the constant support from the medicinal properties reaped from the herbs specified for the same will help individuals hold the Shukra Dhatu, i.e. the semen for a prolonged period of time.

The term Vaja has been derived from the English word ‘speed,’ and Shukra refers to the ‘last Dhatu’ or tissue of the human body, which is responsible for reproduction. Thus, by definition, the factors responsible for making a man enter the world of sexual intercourse with another human being with vigor and stallion and providing him with the power to perform excessive sexual intercourse are known as Vajikarana. Thus, the Ayurveda Vajikarana treatment enhances the quality of the semen in the patient and improves its quality in the one suffering from the specified problem.

Treat Your Problems With the Best Natural Medicines

Vajikarana Therapy

One of the most vital sections of Vajikarana Therapy is the treatment given with the help of Ayurvedic herbs and medicines. Made from 100 percent natural ingredients, these medicines are meant to improve the quality of life you lead. These are categorized into four major groups. There are-

  1. Sukrala: Derived from the term Sukra (or the sperm), the drug Sukrala is prescribed for spermatogenesis problems, i.e. absence of sperms and oligospermia. Herbs such as Ashwagandha (also known as Withania Somnifera), Musali (Curcoligo orchids Gaertn, the scientific name for wild asparagus), Sarakara (or Sucrose), Shatavari (or Asparagus racemosus) belong to this group. They are meant to bring out quantitative as well as qualitative changes in the male Dhatu.drug Sukrala
  2. SukraRecaka: This group of drugs is used in improving the ejaculation of semen in males. The Brihati Fruit (also known as the Indian barberry) is the primary herb prescribed for conditions like Aspermia. Other medicines include- milk, masa (also known as Vigna mungo, the scientific term for black gram- a type of legume), Bhallātaka-fruit (or the marking nut), Amalaki-fruit (or the embolic myrobalan), etc., are present under both the Sukrala and SukraRecaka.
  3. SukraStambhaka: These drugs help in increasing the time of the activity of sexual intercourse. They are prescribed to those suffering from problems of premature ejaculation. The herbs that belong to this group include Jātiphala (or Nutmeg).
  4. SukraSosaka: These are drugs used to dry semen. The herb Haritaki (or Indian hog plum) belongs to this category of drugs.

Out of these, the herbs that are commonly used in the process of Vajikarana include:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Kharjura or Pinda Kharjura (date palm)
  • Bhanga (cannabis)
  • Jatiphala (Nutmeg)
  • Lavanga (clove)
  • Javitri (another form of Mace or Nutmeg)


You can now treat your sexual problems and heal your body in the most natural way possible with the best medicines and guidance from the top experts. Allow nature to heal your body with the Vajikarana herbs and fulfill your life’s desire.


Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma

Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma is an adept medical professional with an M.D in Ayurveda from Gujrat Ayurveda University where he was the university topper of his batch. In his B.A.M.S years in the renowned Devi Ahilya University, Indore, Dr Sharma was awarded two gold medals for his academics.


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