Safe Panchakarma Therapy for Kids

Safe Panchakarma Therapy for Kids

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal practise that can find its roots in the Vedic scriptures. Ayurveda is a holistic way of living life. It believes in inculcating practices and treatments that correspond with the natural orders and restore the balance of the mind, body and spirit. It not only strives for natural treatments and herbs but also dietary and lifestyle changes for transformative growth. The fundamental concept of Ayurveda lies in the recognition of the dominant Dosha in the person. The three Doshas recognised by Ayurveda are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda believes in maintaining a balance between these constitutional elements through a natural approach.

One such approach is Panchkarma. Panchakarma treatment is one of the most effective Ayurvedic detox treatments. It intensively detoxifies the body and removes toxins while creating a balance between the three Doshas. Panchakarma involves the use of medicated oils and herbal remedies.

Is Panchakarma Safe for Children?

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Panchakarma is an effective therapy for children. There are many different types of therapies involved in Panchakarma. Not all of these therapies are recommended for children, but certain treatments are very effective for the health of the kids.


  • Udvartana eliminates the excess Kapha Dosha from the kids. It is effective in treating Kapha-related diseases.
  • It improves the appetite of children and relieves them from any type of pain. It also boosts blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in kids.
  • This treatment involves the rubbing of medicated herbal powders on the bodies of kids.
  • Udvartana also improves the circulation of fluids and nutrients inside the bodies of the kids.

Sarvanga Abhyanga

  • Abhyanga typically means oil bath. This is an effective treatment to balance the Vata Dosha in the kids.
  • In this treatment, medical oils are anointed all over the body. The type of oil depends on the dominant Dosha of the kids.
  • This treatment is extremely effective in increasing muscle tone and boosting the power of muscles.  It reduces the stiffness and fatigue of muscles. 
  • Sarvanga Abhyanga is an efficient therapy to improve the central nervous system as it stimulates sensory nerves in the body. It provides calming effects to the kids.


  • There are many effective Swedana treatments available for kids such as Baashpa Sweda and Naadi Sweda.  
  • Swedana typically means sweating. It eliminates toxins through sweating or diaphoresis. This process involves steam coming from a fluid containing herbs that induce sweating.
  • In Baashpa Sweda, the whole body is exposed to steam whereas, in Naadi Sweda, steam is exposed to a particular body part.
  •  This treatment reduces the stiffness and heaviness of body tissues and organs and improves circulation in the body.
  • Swedana depends upon the age and physical conditions of the kids.


  • Nasya therapy strives to remove Kapha Dosha from the bodies of the kids. Kapha Dosha affects the head and neck parts of the body. It cleanses those channels.
  • In this treatment, gentle massage is given using medicated oils, followed by a mild administration of oil through nostrils.


  • In Vasti, medical oils are administered inside the body through the rectum or urethra.
  • Vasti eliminates the excess Vata Dosha and aids in the treatment of diseases caused due to Vata. It is considered nectar for children.
  • It improves the central nervous system by stimulating the necessary nerves. It boosts the circulation inside the body, improving the flexibility and mobility of body tissues.

Benefits of Panchakarma Therapy

Indeed, not all therapies included in Panchakarma can be used for kids. But certain therapies are extremely important for children.

  • It nourishes the whole body and improves the circulation inside the body.
  • It removes toxins from the body and prevents diseases.
  • It improves the flexibility of body tissues.
  • It improves the functioning of the central nervous system.


Panchakarma therapy involves many treatments that enrich the body of the kids. They are beneficial for their development and prevent them from many diseases. It cleanses their bodies and removes all the harmful toxins. Panchakarma therapy is safe for kids if conducted properly. It must be noted here that an Ayurvedic Vaidya or doctors’ consultation is a must and these therapies must be applied under proper guidance under a doctor or a trained professional. These are specific to kids, depending upon age, physical conditions, etc.

This article is reviewed by Dr. Jyoti Lakhani


Dr. Ashwini Konnur

Dr. Ashwini has 17 years of experience in Clinical Practice, Research & Education in the field of Ayurveda with competency in acute & chronic conditions & lifestyle diseases. She has also expertise in treating Female Infertility disorders, other Gynecological Problems & General disorders along with specialised focus in Ayurvedic detoxification therapies, Panchakarma & other Ayurvedic treatments


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