Ayurveda’s 5 Most Effective Herbs for Hair Growth

Ayurvedic herbs for hair growth

Almost all people on this planet suffer from hair loss at a certain age, some take medical treatment and some try DIY through home remedies. But the questions remain, are these solutions effective and do they have any side effects?

The right treatment will show results and not cause any side effects. One – if they suit well, and two – if they are extracted from nature and used in their purest forms.

Ayurveda has excelled and legit helped people by changing their lifestyle. It has brought a better living into people’s lives.

Hair loss can be healed either by stopping it or by promoting hair growth. One can suffer humongous hair fall whereas for some it may be just fifty strands of hair fall per day, but either of them should not be ignored, instead should be treated with immediate effect.

Why Ayurveda?

Why not Ayurveda? If something is pure and natural, then why not? Ayurveda has been inculcated since the era of manuscripts. The extent of Ayurveda goes beyond a medical system of science. It has a very wide range of philosophical understanding of life and the world.  Ayurveda is not confined to the prevention and management of sickness but it also expands to life overall.

In Ayurveda, balancing the three Doshas or realms (in mythology) is achieving peace: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the energies of movement, digestion or metabolism, lubrication and structure, respectively.

Experts say hair problems are the result of an exacerbation of the Pitta Dosha, that is, the physical energy of digestion or metabolism.

The hair is also linked to the central nervous system. This means any weakness in the bone tissue and nervous system will result in hair problems. The imbalance in a human’s Prakriti of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas lead to the underlying issues in the bone marrow and nervous system, reflecting in your scalp and hair.

What Causes an Imbalance in The Prakriti? 

Causes of imbalance in the Prakriti of an individual includes:

  • Insufficient nutrients
  • Stress and mental health issues
  • Heating hair
  • Age factor
  • Inheritance
  • Hormonal changes
  • Exposure to toxins, smoking and pollution

What is the Ayurvedic Solution?

Ayurveda has enormous herbs for hair treatment which will balance the Prakriti, but the Ayurveda herbs for hair growth which contain natural moisturising properties are the most effective ones. They are as follows:


Bhringraj Ayurvedic Solution

Bhringraj is one of the most prominent Ayurvedic herbs for hair and hair growth. It is an Indian Ayurvedic herb particularly grown in moist areas and full of vitamins, calcium, magnesium and iron. It promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss by increasing the blood flow of the scalp and hair follicle.

Add Bhringraj oil to coconut or sesame oil and use it regularly for best results.

Methi Seeds

Methi Seeds

Methi seeds, a common spice in India is considered the best Ayurvedic medicine as they are rich in Vitamin A, C and K, proteins, and folic acid. It is effective against hair fall and dandruff.

Methi seeds can be consumed with warm water every day before sleeping but if one does not want to gulp them, here is what they can do:

  • Soak methi seeds overnight to grind into a fine paste.
  • Apply the paste on hair and scalp
  • Leave it for half an hour
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water


Amla for skin care

Amla in regard to skin care and hair care, and is considered to be the king of all Ayurvedic herbs as it is vitamin C-loaded. It strengthens the hair follicles and makes hair strong and lustre. It helps in removing dandruff and dissolving grease and dirt from follicles. It also increases blood circulation and provides essential nutrients for hair growth.

Amla can be eaten, can be consumed in the form of juice every day in the morning. It can be also applied to the scalp as oil.


Triphala helps  repairing damaged hair

Triphala helps in repairing damaged hair and increasing hair volume. Its ingredient Haritaki has antibacterial and antifungal properties acting on the scalp and keeping all kinds of infections away. Triphala cleanses the digestive system and takes care of the Pitta Dosha of the body’s Prakriti.

Triphala can be consumed in powder form with warm water or mix it with coconut oil and apply to hair.


Brahmi  Ayurvedic herb

Brahmi is a wonderful Ayurvedic herb for hair growth and thickness. Brahmi herbal oil contains an alkaloid that activates a protein in the body which in the end toughens and strengthens your hair naturally. It reduces stress and improves mood. It is a treatment for the dry and damaged scalp.

Add Brahmi leaves in coconut oil and boil till half of its quantity. The oil can be stored.


Do not go for a medical treatment blindly, try and analyse lifestyle, search for what is missing and what is imbalanced in the body’s Prakriti.

A famous quote by Hippocrates goes by, ”Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food.”


Dr. Jyoti Lakhani

Dr. Jyoti has 15 years of experience in Clinical Practice, Research & Education in the field of Ayurveda with competency in acute & chronic conditions like Arthritis, Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, Sciatica etc. She has also expertise in treating Female Infertility disorders, other Gynecological Problems & General disorders.


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