Powerful Health Benefits of Ashwagandha with Milk

Powerful Health Benefits of Ashwagandha with Milk 1 11zon

Withania somnifera is a natural herb used mostly among the people of India. In Ayurvedic medicines, it has earned significant recognition. It’s none other than Ashwagandha – a useful herb that combats different diseases. Let’s discuss the specifics of how Ashwagandha powder and milk work together to promote overall wellness.

Understanding Health Benefits of Ashwagandha with Milk

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is an Ayurvedic herb known for its healing and rejuvenating properties. When consumed with milk, ashwagandha provides even more health advantages. The milk helps boost the absorption of the herb’s active medicinal compounds. Some key benefits include – improved vitality, muscle strength, endurance, reduced stress & anxiety, better sleep, increased immunity, and anti-aging effects.

Ashwagandha Properties – Why Is It Health Beneficial?

From increasing libido to reducing fatigue, Ashwagandha is used for various health issues. Also referred to as Indian winter cherry or Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha is regarded for its tonic property or rasayana. So, before understanding the health benefits of Ashwagandha milk, let’s find out the properties of the herb.

It’s regarded for its adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, the antioxidant qualities make it a great ingredient in your diet. It comes with bioactive compounds like alkaloids and withanolides (even flavonoids). Together, they offer various health benefits. Ashwagandha can combat anxiety and support vitality. The nutritional values provided for Ashwagandha indicate the nutrient content for 100 grams of the substance:

  Energy  245 Kcal
  Total dietary fibre  32.3 gm
  Carbohydrate  49.9 gm

Introducing You to Ashwagandha Milk’s Myriad of Health Benefits

Ashwagandha has several health benefits as it’s a holistic herb derived from Mother Earth. But did you know combining it with milk adds more benefits? It offers many health benefits, from improving your cognitive function[1] to boosting immunity. In fact, it reduces anxiety and stress and improves health. Altogether, it’s a versatile herb that offers natural remedies. Let’s discover the Ashwagandha with milk benefits in the following points:

Boost Your Immune System –

Chronic stress may weaken your immune system. Since Ashwagandha is adaptogenic, it can regulate stress hormones (2) such as cortisol. It supports the body’s stress response and works to improve immunity. Besides, it encourages anti-inflammatory, disease-combating immune cells to fight illnesses. The herb also contains iron, so it can increase the red blood cell count.

Improve Your Mental Health –

One of the Ashwagandha powder with milk benefits is that it can improve your mental health. Note that this herb works holistically to treat sleep deprivation issues by reducing stress hormones. As a result, it improves your mental health and increases your memory and concentration levels.

Enhance Cognitive Functioning –

Did you know that Ashwagandha can also improve our cognitive functions? (1) Since it alleviates cortisol levels in the body, it can reduce stress and improve your heart rate. Additionally, it can also control high blood pressure.

Anxiolytic Impacts of the Herb –

Due to the anxiolytic effects, people can get excellent benefits of Ashwagandha with milk. Chemicals in Ashwagandha help keep your brain calm. (3) Besides, it also reduces swelling and lowers blood pressure while improving your immune system. The traditionally used herb is also used for various stress-related conditions.

Steps of Making Ashwagandha Milk

It might be easy to get confused, but combining Ashwagandha powder with milk is easy. Given the various Ashwagandha powder with milk benefits, you need to understand the steps to make a beverage that tastes good and is health-beneficial. All you need is to follow these steps:

1st Step: Buy premium quality Ashwagandha powder from the market.

2nd Step: Add a teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder to the glass of warm milk.

Optional:  Adding some honey and cardamom can enhance the flavour. Although, keep in mind that cardamom is a hot spice that can improve blood circulation and promote digestion.

How to Take Ashwagandha Milk?

Wondering how to use Ashwagandha powder with milk? Worry no longer. The following are the ways how you can consume Ashwagandha milk:

  • Add some honey to the Ashwagandha milk beverage
  • Include one-quarter to half a teaspoon of cardamom in the hot Ashwagandha milk
  • Add a tinge of vanilla essence to the Ashwagandha milk


So, now you understand the benefits of Ashwagandha powder with milk. Ashwagandha is the best medicinal herb used in Ayurveda and has various health benefits. However, it is imperative to consult an Ayurvedic expert if you have any autoimmune disease or thyroid. Pregnant and nursing women are recommended to consult a professional before consuming the drink.

FAQs on Ashwagandha with Milk

1. Can we take Ashwagandha with milk daily?

You can consume Ashwagandha milk daily as a part of your daily diet. However, one should be careful about the dosage as overconsumption may result in health issues.

2. What to avoid with Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha may interact with your BP or diabetic medicines. So, people suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes are recommended to consult a doctor to find out the side effects of the herb. Besides, people who consume thyroid and anti-seizure medicines may have higher chances of risk.

3. What are the side effects of Ashwagandha?

Overconsumption may result in digestive upset and diarrhoea. Other side effects include vomiting and nausea.

4. What happens when you take Ashwagandha daily?

Consuming Ashwagandha every day at an adequate amount offers excellent benefits. From reducing stress to improving cognitive function and immunity, it enhances your overall health.


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