Garcinia Cambogia: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Precautions & Side Effects

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The world of health and nutrition is an ever-expanding one. Over time, many natural remedies have sparked immense curiosity. One such contender is garcinia cambogia. This tropical fruit extract has gained attention due to its potential health benefits and versatile applications. 

This article uncovers the secrets of Garcinia cambogia. We also delve into its origins, potential benefits, varied uses, recommended dosage, essential precautions, and possible side effects. Together, these aspects will give you a holistic understanding of this intriguing fruit extract. 

So, let’s understand the potential garcinia cambogia holds for enhancing our overall well-being.

What is Garcinia cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia, scientifically known as garcinia gummi-gutta, is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia and India. Also referred to as the Malabar tamarind, this small, greenish-yellow fruit has gained attention in the health and wellness domain for its potential weight loss properties. 

The active ingredient responsible for its purported benefits is hydroxy citric acid (HCA), found in the fruit’s rind. Garcinia cambogia has been traditionally used in cooking and for its medicinal properties in the regions where it grows. Recently, it has garnered popularity as a dietary supplement and is common in various weight loss products. [1]

Nutritional profile of garcinia cambogia

The benefits of garcinia cambogia come from the nutrients the peel of the fruit contains. The table below shows the various nutrients in garcinia cambogia per 100 grams of fruit peel extracts.

Iron15.14 mg
Calcium250 mg
Ascorbic Acid10 mg
Oxalic Acid18.10 mg

Source: Netmeds

Garcinia cambogia benefits

Let’s explore the potential garcinia cambogia health benefits that have led to its popularity:

1. Weight loss support

The fruit extract, primarily when standardized for its active compound HCA (hydroxy citric acid), is widely promoted as a supplement to help in weight management-. HCA can inhibit the citrate lyase enzyme, which plays a role in converting excess carbohydrates into fat. Blocking this enzyme allows HCA to reduce fat accumulation, potentially supporting weight loss efforts. [1]

2. Relieves joint pain

Beyond its role in weight management, garcinia cambogia has been promoted for its potential to relieve joint pain. The fruit extract contains compounds with anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce joint inflammation and discomfort. Supplementing with garcinia cambogia might offer a natural approach to support joint health for individuals dealing with joint issues. [1]

3. Digestive symptoms support

Another area where garcinia cambogia shows promise is its potential to improve digestive symptoms. The fruit extract can aid digestion and alleviate discomfort in the digestive system. [1]

4. Enhancing athletic performance

Fitness enthusiasts have taken an interest in Garcinia cambogia due to its purported ability to improve athletic performance. The fruit extract can boost endurance and stamina. It allows individuals to engage in more prolonged workouts. The performance-enhancing potential can be due to the impact of HCA on carbohydrate metabolism, which may optimize energy production during physical activity. [1]

5. Natural cure for depression

The extracts of garcinia cambogia may be used to treat depression and anxiety. According to studies, this herb can raise the serotonin levels in your body. That improves mood, managers stress and depression. [3]

6. Delays the aging process

Extracts of the rind of Garcinia cambogia have shown anti-elastase and anti-hyaluronidase effects. Due to these properties, the rind extracts of garcinia cambogia can prevent your skin from developing wrinkles, drying up, and losing its elasticity. [3]

7. Can lower blood glucose levels

Garcinia cambogia supplements have shown results in controlling type 2 diabetes. Garcinia cambogia benefits for diabetes include its impact on fasting sugar and prandial sugar levels. [3]

8. Protects your skin against sun damage

The pigments in garcinia fruit come with UV light absorbing properties and therefore can be remedy for sun damage. [3]

9. Treats fungal infections

Garcinia cambogia extracts can be a natural cure for fungal infections. Extracts of this herb have shown proven results against fungal growth. [3]

10. Manifests chemo preventative effects

The phytochemicals like xanthochymol, isogarcinol, and garcinol in garcinia cambogia can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. [3]

Garcinia cambogia uses

Garcinia cambogia has a long history of diverse uses, making it a notable fruit in traditional practices and modern applications. Let’s delve into some of its varied garcinia cambogia uses.

1. Culinary flavorant

Thanks to its distinctive and sour taste, Garcinia cambogia has traditionally been used as a flavoring in fish curries. The fruit’s sour notes add a tangy flavor to various dishes and enhance the culinary experience. [2]

2. Digestive aid

Garcinia cambogia has been a digestive aid, relieving those dealing with related discomfort. Its compounds can support digestion, making it a valuable component in traditional digestive remedies. [2]

3. Traditional remedies

The fruit has found a place in traditional medicine for its potential therapeutic properties. It can treat various bowel complaints and help alleviate intestinal parasites. Additionally, it has found use as a traditional remedy for rheumatism to ease joint pain and inflammation. [2]

4. Weight-loss supplement

In modern times, garcinia cambogia has gained popularity as a weight-loss supplement. The active compound HCA (hydroxy citric acid) found in the fruit’s rind can inhibit fat production and suppress appetite. It has led to its extensive marketing as a potential aid in weight management. [2]

Garcinia cambogia dosage

Determining the appropriate dosage is essential for achieving potential benefits while ensuring safety when using garcinia cambogia as a dietary supplement. It’s important to note that the ideal dosage can vary depending on the concentration of active ingredients in the supplement and individual health conditions. 

Consult a healthcare professional for personalized guidance on the ideal dosage that aligns with your health objectives. It will ensure the effective use of this supplement. Taking an informed approach will help you make the most of the benefits of garcinia cambogia in supporting your wellness journey.

Garcinia cambogia precautions

While Garcinia Cambogia may offer potential health benefits, it is essential to exercise caution and consider the following precautions to ensure safe usage:

1. Consult with a healthcare professional

It is suitable to contact a healthcare professional. It is when you have pre-existing medical conditions, take medications, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding. They can assess your health status and provide personalized recommendations.

2. Follow recommended dosage

Taking excessive amounts may lead to digestive discomfort, nausea, or other unwanted reactions. Follow the product label instructions or the advice of your healthcare professional.

3. Monitor for allergic reactions

If you have a history of allergies to fruits or supplements, exercise caution when trying garcinia cambogia. Allergic reactions, though rare, can occur. If you experience allergic symptoms, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention.

4. Avoid combining with certain medications

Avoid using the supplement if you take prescription medications for diabetes, cholesterol, or psychiatric conditions unless approved by your healthcare provider.

5. Quality and source

Choose high-quality supplements from reputable brands that provide clear information about the HCA concentration and other ingredients. Avoid products with fillers, additives, or unverified claims.

6. Not a quick fix for weight loss

It’s crucial to understand that garcinia cambogia is not a magical solution for weight loss. While it may aid in weight management efforts, sustainable weight loss requires a comprehensive approach involving a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

7. Discontinue if side effects occur

If you experience any adverse effects while using garcinia cambogia, like digestive issues, stop taking the supplement and consult a healthcare professional promptly.

Garcinia cambogia side effects

While garcinia cambogia has shown promise as a dietary supplement, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects that some individuals may experience. Here are some reported side effects associated with the use of garcinia cambogia:

1. Cases of liver damage

There have been cases of people with liver damage associated with using Garcinia cambogia products. While such cases are uncommon, some instances were severe. It’s important to note that most of these reported cases involved products labeled as containing a combination of ingredients. Still, some patients also involved products labeled as containing only garcinia cambogia. [1]

2. Other symptoms

Some users have experienced side effects like headache, nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, and diarrhea. These symptoms may vary in severity and can be bothersome for some individuals. [1]

Garcinia cambogia interactions

Garcinia may interact with certain medications as discussed below:

1. Hepatotoxic medications

According to studies, garcinia may hurt your liver. Also, certain medications might harm your liver. If you take garcinia cambogia along with such medications, you may damage your liver to a large extent. [5]

2. Serotonergic medications

If garcinia cambogia is taken along with serotonergic medications, it may cause an alarming rise in serotonin levels, leading to serious side effects like vomiting, cardiac problems, and seizures. [4]

3. Anticoagulant medications

Garcinia cambogia can slow down the clotting of blood. So, taking this herbal extract along with other anticoagulant drugs can slow down the blood clotting further, leading to the risk of bruising and bleeding.

4. Anti-diabetic medications

Garcinia cambogia shows blood sugar-lowering properties. Taking garcinia cambogia along with medications for diabetes mainly to an alarming drop in blood sugar levels all of a sudden. [6]

Since garcinia cambogia may interact with certain medications, it is always wise to consult a doctor before taking garcinia cambogia extracts or supplements. 

Garcinia cambogia and Ayurveda [7]

Garcinia cambogia and Ayurveda share a historical connection that spans centuries. In the context of Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine originating in India, Garcinia Cambogia, known as “Vrikshamla,” has been revered for its therapeutic properties. Ayurvedic practitioners have used it as a natural remedy for digestive discomfort and joint pain. With its traditional use deeply rooted in Ayurvedic practices, garcinia cambogia’s significance in this ancient healing system continues to resonate with modern interest in its potential health benefits. However, as with any herbal supplement or traditional remedy, it is essential to approach garcinia cambogia with a thoughtful and informed perspective. Seek guidance from qualified Ayurvedic practitioners to ensure its safety in your wellness journey.


1. Are there any effective garcinia cambogia supplements?

Yes, Zandu Vrikshamla Pure Herbs capsules are effective garcinia cambogia supplements. They are formulated with 100% pure extracts of garcinia, offering an Ayurvedic solution to maintain weight and promote a healthy lifestyle naturally.

2. What does garcinia cambogia do to your body?

Garcinia cambogia may potentially aid in weight management by inhibiting fat production and suppressing appetite. It also helps support digestive support and joint health.

3. Does garcinia cambogia make you lose weight?

Garcinia cambogia supplements are marketed as weight-loss aids because they can support fat metabolism and appetite control. However, individual results may vary, and it’s not a guaranteed solution for weight loss.

4. Is it safe to use garcinia cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia is generally safe when used as directed. However, it may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions or those taking specific medications. Consult a healthcare professional before use.

5. How do you take garcinia for weight loss?

The garcinia cambogia dosage varies based on the supplement’s HCA concentration. It’s advisable to start with the lowest recommended dosage and gradually increase as toleration improves.

6. Can garcinia have a side effect on the liver?

Rare cases of liver damage have been associated with the use of garcinia cambogia products. While uncommon, it’s essential to exercise caution, especially if you have pre-existing liver conditions. Patients with a history of liver disease may experience some garcinia cambogia side effects on the liver. Therefore, it is best to consult a healthcare professional before use.

7. Which medicine is best for weight loss?

The most suitable weight loss medicine varies depending on individual health needs and goals. A balanced diet and exercise remain essential for sustainable weight loss.


Garcinia cambogia has a long history in traditional practices and modern applications. It presents an intriguing fruit extract that has captured the interest of health enthusiasts worldwide. Its potential benefits, like weight management support and digestive aid, have made it a subject of fascination in Ayurvedic medicine and the contemporary health industry. 

However, it is crucial to approach Garcinia cambogia with an informed perspective. While some individuals may experience positive effects, others may encounter side effects or find it less effective for their health needs. To maximize garcinia cambogia’s potential, consulting with a healthcare professional is essential to ensure appropriate usage. 


The information provided here does not mean to replace professional advice or treatment.


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