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Have you heard of Varanadi Kashayam, a potent Ayurvedic formula? 

If you haven’t, you’ll learn all about it here. The modern lifestyle has brought many problems and health disorders into our lives. Fortunately, most of these diseases and problems have a natural cure in Ayurveda

There are many remedies and medicines stated in the 3000-year-old text that can easily cure these diseases. One such medicine is Varanadi Kashayam, a polyherbal decoction infused with 16 ingredients. [1]

Varanadi Kashayam is an Ayurvedic medicine that is generally used to treat diseases caused due to Kapha imbalance. It is one of the most effective Ayurveda remedies to treat fatty liver disease, headaches, low digestion and obesity. 

It is made from 16 herbs and has various medicinal properties.  In this article, our subject of discussion will be Varanadi Kashayam uses, Varanadi Kashayam benefits, and Varanadi Kashayam side-effects. 

Varanadi Kashayam Ingredients

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Sanskrit NameScientific Name
VarunaCrateva magna
SaireyakaBarleria strigosa
ShatavariAsparagus racemosus
ChitrakaPlumbago zeylanica
MurvaChonemorpha fragrans
BilwaAegle marmelos
KitamariAristolochia bracteolata
BrihatiSolanum anguivi
NidigdhikaSolanum surattense
KaranjaPongamia pinnata
PutikaranjaHoloptelea integrifolia
AgnimanthaPremna corymbosa
HaritakiTerminalia chebula
AkshivaMoringa concanensis
DarbhaDesmostachya bipinnata
BhallatakaSemecarpus anacardium

Properties of Varanadi Kashayam

  1. Antibacterial: It inhibits the growth of microorganisms 
  2. Antimicrobial: It is effective in destroying bacteria
  3. Anti-lithogenic: It inhibits the formation of stones in the kidneys
  4. Anti-obesity: It helps to reduce obesity
  5. Diuretic: It promotes the formation of urine by the kidney
  6. Uricostatic: It inhibits the production of uric acid

Varanadi Kashayam Benefits

1. Helps lose weight

Varanadi Kashayam is one of the best Ayurvedic formulations for effective weight loss. It increases the metabolic rate by burning the excess fat in the body, thereby aiding in weight loss. It also improves digestion, which further aids in losing excess weight. Varanadi Kashayam is also known to increase the appetite of people. This could be a result of enhanced metabolic activity in the body. [1]

2. Cures Headache

Varanadi Kashayam is considered one of the best remedies for headaches in Ayurveda. Headaches are generally caused due to Kapha imbalance and Varanadi Kashayam helps you balance the vitiated Kapha. [3]

3. Reduces High Cholesterol Levels

Varanadi Kashyam for cholesterol helps in reducing the rising cholesterol levels caused due to an imbalance in the Kapha Dosha. This Ayurvedic formula helps to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the body by balancing Kapha. The anti-inflammatory properties of this medicine also help to reduce the inflammation caused due to high cholesterol levels. 

High cholesterol may also lead to the development of many cardiovascular diseases. By reducing cholesterol, Varanadi Kashayam boosts heart health and helps prevent many heart-related diseases. [2]

4. Treats Asthma and its Symptoms

Varanadi Kashayam is one of the most effective treatments for Asthma and many other respiratory issues caused due to excess mucus. These problems are generally caused due to vitiated Kapha in the body. Varanadi Kashayam works by pacifying Kapha and reducing mucus production, aiding in the treatment of Asthma. 

It is also very effective to ease the breathlessness associated with Asthma. Secretion of excess mucus may constrict the airways in your respiratory system, leading to breathing trouble. By clearing out the air passages, Varanadi Kashayam can ease the symptoms of Asthma

5. Is a remedy for Fatty Liver Disease

The fatty liver syndrome is caused due to the accumulated fat in the liver. It is closely associated with obesity and therefore, Varanadi Kashayam is extremely helpful to treat this disease. It burns the excess fat in the liver as well as enhances the functions of the liver. [1]

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Varanadi Kashayam Uses

Varanadi Kashayam, an esteemed Ayurvedic herbal decoction, has been revered traditionally for its multifaceted therapeutic benefits. It’s renowned for its potential in addressing the various health conditions listed above. 

Apart from these major Varanadi Kashayam uses, this Ayurvedic medication is also used in the treatment of many other health disorders and diseases such as hepatitis, tumors, jaundice, PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, eczema, gastric problems, and bloating.

In other words, Varanadi Kashayam benefits and uses can serve as a holistic support for various health concerns. 

Varanadi Kashayam Dosage

You can safely have 15 to 20 ml of this Kashaya once or twice a day about 30 minutes before food.

Side Effects of Varanadi Kashayam

There are no major Varanadi Kashayam side effects reported through the research publications. However, it must be taken under the supervision of an Ayurveda doctor. Some minor Varanadi Kashayam decoction side effects and Varanadi Kashayam tablet side effects may be noticed in case of an overdose. These minor side effects include excess urination, increased thirst, dry mouth and mouth ulcer. 

Varanadi Kashayam Precautions

  1. For pregnant women and breastfeeding moms: Whether Varanadi Kashayam is safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding is not known, as no research has been conducted on this subject. But it is generally recommended to avoid this medication during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Also, it is best to consult an Ayurvedic expert regarding this.
  2. For Children: Varanadi Kashayam should be kept out of the reach of children.
  3. Alcohol and Drug Interaction: No research has been conducted on Varanadi Kashayam’s interaction with alcohol. So, if you are taking this medication with alcohol or any other drug, you must consult an Ayurvedic doctor before doing so.

Where You Can Buy Varanadi Kashayam and its Prices

Price chart for the product shows its price across the various online selling platforms.

ProductAyushcareAmazon.in1 mgFlipkart.comNetmedsAyurkart
Varanadi Kashayam DecoctionRs 110/- for 200 mlRs 213/- for 200 ml (Pack of 2)Rs 110/- for 200 mlRs 247/- for 200 ml (Pack of 2)Rs 114/- for 200 mlRs 125 for 200 ml
Varanadi Kashayam TabletsNot availableRs 320/- (Pack of 1)Rs 361/-Rs 380/- for 100 tabletsNot availableRs 320/- for 100 NOS


Varanadi Kashayam is an effective Ayurvedic medicine to treat many problems including obesity, fatty liver, high cholesterol and headaches. There are various other medicinal uses of Varanadi Kashayam as well. However, it must be taken only after due consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor. Usually, it is advised to take 10-20 ml of the medicine twice a day, but this dosage significantly varies from person to person. Hence, it must be taken as prescribed by the doctor to avoid any complication.   


1. Can Varanadi Kashayam cause dizziness or drowsiness?

No, Varanadi Kashayam does not cause dizziness or drowsiness.

2. Can exercises be done when one is taking Varanadi Kashayam?

Yes, exercising is recommended. As Varanadi kashayam Ayurvedic medicine works by eliminating obstructions in the channels or strotas of your body, regular stretching exercises and mild cardio workouts are recommended.

3. How does Varanadi Kashayam help in cases of hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism’s manifestation involves imbalances primarily in kapha-vata doshas and tissue disturbances in muscle and fat. It shows symptoms akin to Kapha and Vata aggravation, Kapha increase, Kapha-based swelling, impaired tissue metabolism, and lowered digestive and tissue metabolic fires. Varanadi Kwatha, through its bitter, astringent taste, warming nature, and digestive property, counter these imbalances. It holds promise due to its dosha-balancing, tissue-nourishing properties, especially suited for hypothyroidism. Varanadi Kashayam benefits thus include its effectiveness in normalizing TFT values, and alleviating hypothyroid symptoms like fatigue, cold intolerance, and depression, thus enhancing the quality of life for affected individuals. [4]


This article is written from a health and wellness perspective and is not medical advice. Kindly seek the help of a certified medical practitioner before initiating any treatment.


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