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Low blood pressure is a common problem these days. Hypotension is the medical name for the condition of low blood pressure. [1] When the systolic pressure (blood pressure in your arteries when your heart pumps blood into it) drops to 90 mm Hg or below, and the diastolic pressure (blood pressure in your arteries when your heart rests between the beats) drops to 60 mm Hg, the condition is referred to as low blood pressure. [1] Low blood pressure may produce symptoms like lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting, nausea, confusion, heart palpitations, blurry vision, and excessive tiredness. [1] 

The possible causes of low blood pressure include blood loss due to an injury, diseases or conditions like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arrhythmias, medications like high BP medicines, depression medications, and those to treat Parkinson’s disease, pregnancy, dehydration, [1] malnutrition, or impoverishment.

In Ayurveda, low blood pressure is referred to as Nyuna Raktachaapa. When the Vata is destroyed, and Agni is weakened, your blood pressure tends to drop. You’ll find several effective Ayurvedic home remedies for low bp in Hindi in various Ayurvedic textbooks. 

Minor low bp or low blood pressure issues are seldom severe and may be treated through adequate rest and simple home remedies for low bp. Read below to learn about the various low-blood-pressure home remedies: 

Home remedies for low BP with Ayurvedic & Non-Ayurvedic ingredients

  1. Tulsi or Holy Basil

Eugenol, an antioxidant in Tulsi, a popular Ayurvedic ingredient, can regulate blood pressure and keep it within the normal range. [2]

  1. Manjistha or Indian madder

Manjistha can regulate blood pressure and keep it from fluctuating from low to high and high to low.  You can make herbal tea or Ayurvedic decoction  from Manjistha. [13]

  1. Mulethi or Licorice root

A compound called glycyrrhizin in Mulethi or Licorice root can increase your bp. You may take Licorice tea as a low bp remedy. [3]

  1. Rujamari or Rosemary

Rujamari, or Rosemary, is a low blood pressure elevator. Drinking rosemary tea can increase your falling pressure by stimulating your vascular system. [9]

  1. Adraka or Ginger

Adraka or Ginger may  dilate your blood vessels and improve blood flow.This raises the blood pressure and manages the symptoms of low blood pressure. So, if you suspect a fall in your bp, all you need to do is take fuming hot ginger tea. [12]

  1. Raisins
raisins - home remedies for low bp

Raisins can raise your blood pressure by stimulating the adrenal gland, which regulates your bp. Start your day with a handful of healthy raisins soaked overnight in water. [11]

  1. Coffee

Caffeine can elevate blood pressure. Drinking coffee may help temporarily manage low blood pressure. This is one of the most commonly used home remedies for low bp. [4]

  1. Plain water or other fluids

Drinking as much water as you can may improve your blood volume and flow and raise your dropping blood pressure. The same holds true for any other fluid that you take. [14]

  1. Saltwater
saltwater - home remedies to reduce bp

Salt or Sodium is a quick fix for low blood pressure. So, drinking a glassful of salt water can help increase your low blood pressure. [5] Dissolve 1/2 tsp salt in a glass of water and drink it.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are loaded with healthy fats and are devoid of saturated fat content. Drinking almond milk can help manage low blood pressure. [11]

  1. Leafy Greens

There is a connection between anemia and low blood pressure. Folate deficiency can cause anemia [6] which in turn can cause hypotension. So, fill your plate with leafy greens such as parsley, spinach, lettuce, etc.

  1. Olives

Olives are a vital source of vitamin E and minerals like copper, iron, and other nutrients that elevate blood pressure. Furthermore, the canned olives soaked in brine can be given to a patient of low bp as the sodium in those olives can raise the blood pressure. [10]  Olives can be used in your diet as olive oil too.

  1. Yoga

Certain Yogic postures like Sukhasana, Malasana, Vajrasana, Savithri asana can improve blood circulation throughout the body and manage the low bp problem.

  1. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 can help manage low bp indirectly. When you are deficient in Vitamin B12, you tend to become anemic, and that can lead to low bp. So, start consuming boiled eggs as eggs are high in Vitamin B12 and can be made a part of a low bp diet. [7]

  1. Red meat

Red meat is loaded with iron and protein and can raise your blood pressure significantly. Consume red meat as one of the home remedies for low bp.


1. What are the two types of low blood pressure?

When your blood pressure drops suddenly on changing your posture, i.e., standing or sitting up from a lying position, it is called orthostatic or postural hypotension. Another type of low blood pressure is neurally mediated low blood pressure. It occurs when a person stands for a long span of time.

2. How to recognize the red flags associated with low blood pressure?

Low blood pressure may get resolved by following a healthy diet pattern. But, when your bp drops too low, it may lead to shock. Shock occurs when your vital organs are deprived of oxygen and essential nutrients. Shock is a pretty serious medical emergency and needs immediate medical attention. Symptoms of shock include weak pulse, bluish skin tone, sweaty and cold skin, and rapid breathing.  [1] If you experience these symptoms, you must be rushed to a doctor.

3. Can compression stockings help manage low blood pressure? How? 

Yes, it can. Compression stockings exert pressure on your legs, reducing the diameter of your blood vessels. Wearing the medicated thigh-high CS thus can improve blood circulation in the legs and push blood upwards from your lower extremities. This mechanism can relieve you of low bp [8] and manage your low bp symptoms.


Some people have low bp all the time, and it is normal for them. Others may experience a sudden drop in their blood pressure. If not treated timely, this sudden fall in pressure could impair the functioning of your organs as it would mean that your brain, heart, and other vital organs are not getting enough blood supply. Try these home remedies for low bp and live a hale and hearty life!


This article is written from a health and wellness perspective and is not medical advice. Kindly seek the help of a certified medical practitioner before initiating any treatment.


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