Lifestyle and Skin Care Habits That are Ruining Your Skin

good skin care habits

Healthy skin is a reflector of a healthy mind and body. Hence, to make sure the mind and the body are in balance, the skin should be taken care of. According to Ayurveda, diseases and disorders are caused due to the imbalance between the Tridoshas. An imbalance of these Doshas may ruin the skin. Ayurveda is a treasure of natural and holistic approaches to healthy skin. It elaborates on many good skincare habits. According to Ayurveda, everything affects the health of the skin including diet, sleep and stress. There are many lifestyle habits that may ruin the health of the skin and must be avoided or taken care of.  

Bad Skin Care Habits

Stress and Anxiety

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Stress and anxiety are the primary causes of all skin disorders. According to Ayurveda, stress and anxiety bring the Tridoshas into imbalance. The imbalance between these Doshas is responsible for an array of skin related problems such as acne, rashes, dryness and dullness. Stress also affects the metabolic function of the body. Ayurveda believes that the mind and the body are interconnected with each other. Hence, any form of psychological stress also affects the body functions, causing disorders everywhere including the skin.

Excessive Smoking

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Smoking causes oxidative stress and disrupts the blood flow in the skin. It leads to the transfer of insufficient oxygen to the skin, causing the development of many skin disorders. Toxins accumulation is one of the major causes of bad skin health. Smoking increases the toxins build up in the body and therefore ruins the skin.

Wrong Skincare Routine

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According to Ayurveda, skincare routine depends on the skin type, which largely depends on the dominant Dosha of the person. Where a Vata -dominated person needs more nourishment, a Kapha -dominated person needs more exfoliation. Following a skincare routine in contrast to the dominant Dosha of the body may lead to many skin disorders, as it further causes an imbalance of the Doshas. 

Excessive Exfoliating

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Exfoliation is important to detoxify the skin, especially in a Kapha -dominant person. However, excess exfoliation may eliminate the natural oil of the skin, leading to dryness and disorders such as skin infections. Ideally, a Kapha or Pitta Dosha person should exfoliate at most once or twice a week. Over exfoliation may ruin the skin.

Inadequate Sleep and Wrong Sleeping Pattern

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Sleep or Nidra is considered as one of the three pillars of life. Its importance is vastly expressed in Ayurveda. Sleeping patterns affect our skin to a great extent. Sleeping is important for the body to undergo a natural detoxification process. Inadequate sleep will lead to toxins accumulation, causing an imbalance in the Doshas. It may also cause stress in the mind and body. Following Circadian Rhythms is important. Sleeping and waking up according to the set patterns of nature and eating at proper intervals is important to maintain healthy skin. Late nights may ruin the skin.     

Not Eating a Balanced Diet

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A balanced diet is the second pillar of life. According to Ayurveda, diet depends on the dominant Dosha of the person. A balanced diet should compile all the Rasas, depending on the Dosha and keep in mind the rules of the Viruddha Ahara. Diet directly affects the skin. An improper diet may lead to an array of skin disorders and problems, including wrinkles and acne.

Avoiding Yoga and Meditation

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Yoga and Meditation are very important to maintain healthy skin. Metabolic functions are enhanced and stress and anxiety are reduced, leading to healthier and better-looking skin. Avoiding Yoga and Meditation will have adverse effects on the skin

Too Much Sun Exposure

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Sun exposure is important for the body to receive Vitamin D, but excessive sun exposure, especially in Pitta and Kapha dominant people may cause tanning and sunburns. Therefore, excessive sun exposure must be avoided as it may also ruin the skin

Following the Same Routine in all the Seasons 


Different seasons require different skincare routines. For example, in winters, skin requires more nourishment where springs call for exfoliation. Continuing the same level of exfoliation in winters may cause damage to the skin and make it dry and itchy.

Not Drinking Enough Water (Dehydration)


Drinking sufficient water is extremely important to detoxify the skin and keep the skin looking younger and healthier. Dehydration can make your skin look dull and dry. The effects of dehydration on the skin are most visible in the Vata dominant people.

This article is reviewed by Dr. Jyoti Lakhani


Dr. Jyoti Lakhani

Dr. Jyoti has 15 years of experience in Clinical Practice, Research & Education in the field of Ayurveda with competency in acute & chronic conditions like Arthritis, Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, Sciatica etc. She has also expertise in treating Female Infertility disorders, other Gynecological Problems & General disorders.


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