11 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss

11 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system that derives its roots from the healing abilities of natural resources such as plants and herbs. The underlying concept in Ayurveda is that three types of energies govern the human body, known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These energies correspond to specific elements present inside the body. Ayurveda believes that these energies should always be in balance. But every person has one dominant energy which is called dosha. Ayurveda promotes treatment based on the dosha of the person and attempts to bring a balance between Tridoshas.

Is overweight a serious concern?

Overweight is a major cause of concern among people these days. Overweight can lead to obesity which in turn might cause metabolic disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Apart from eating a diet based on your dosha, many Ayurvedic herbs also help in reducing weight.

What are some of the best Ayurvedic herbs for weight-loss?

1. Triphala

  • One of the best Ayurvedic remedies, made from three fruits – Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki, Triphala has been used for ages to treat many ailments.
  • Triphala removes the toxins from our body and improves the digestive process, effectively working against one of the root causes for weight gain.

2. Guggul

3. Kalonji

  • Also known as black cumin, Kalonji is one of the best Ayurvedic remedies with numerous health benefits, one of those being weight-loss.
  • Rich in fiber, it contains nigellone that helps in losing weight and controlling obesity.

4. Kadi Patta (Curry Leaves)

  • The antioxidant properties of curry leaves detoxify the body and enhance the process of reducing bad cholesterol.
  • It also boosts the process of burning body fat and the numerous nutrients found in curry leaves help in maintaining the overall health of the body.

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5. Vijaysar or Kino Tree

  • Extracts from the bark of the Vijaysar tree are used in various Ayurvedic medicines to control metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • The substances found in Vijaysar help in shedding extra fat and boosting the digestive system.

6. Punarnava

  • One of the leading causes of weight gain is water retention by the body. The diuretic properties of Punarnava boost the functioning of the kidney and urinary bladder, effectively flushing out the toxins from our body.
  • It is one of the best Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss. Apart from reducing water retention, it also improves digestion, further helping in losing weight.

7. Aloe Vera

  • The compounds found in Aloe Vera nourish and detoxify the cells and promote weight loss.
  • Packed with innumerable benefits, Aloe Vera also enhances the metabolic process in the body.

8. Pudina

  • Pudina or Mint is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic herbs. The benefits of Pudina are countless, but one of the main is promoting weight loss.
  • By accelerating the bile flow, it boosts the process of the digestion of fat inside the body, aiding in losing weight.

9. Methi (Fenugreek)

  • By accelerating the rate of metabolism inside the body, Methi aids in the process of digestion. Hence, effectively helping in weight-loss
  • The water-soluble components of Methi help in shedding the fat by keeping your cravings under control.

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10. Dalchini

  • Dalchini or cinnamon is extremely useful in shedding fat, especially belly fat.
  • With numerous medicinal uses and benefits, Dalchini is a popular Ayurvedic herb that also aids in stimulating metabolism inside the body.

11. Ashwagandha

  • The antioxidant properties of Ashwagandha boost the immune system and help the body to use its energy more efficiently.
  • It boosts the metabolism of the body and enhances the digestive process, thereby aiding in the process of weight-loss.


Ayurvedic herbs are an effective remedy for weight-loss. The effect of each herb will vary from person to person. But the natural route to weight-loss is more efficient than any other medicinal treatment. However one must note down here that the journey of weight-loss in Ayurveda is determined by the Dosha present in your body. Each Dosha has its own dietary needs. By just following the dietary changes in your life, based on your Dosha, one may see a significant reduction in excess fat.

Ayurveda is not just a medicinal practice, it is a holistic way to lead a life. Yoga and a nutritious diet are essential to make a significant change in your lifestyle. With the magical and medicinal herbs of Ayurveda, change your lifestyle for the best results.


Dr. Jyoti Lakhani

Dr. Jyoti has 15 years of experience in Clinical Practice, Research & Education in the field of Ayurveda with competency in acute & chronic conditions like Arthritis, Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, Sciatica etc. She has also expertise in treating Female Infertility disorders, other Gynecological Problems & General disorders.


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