Must-Follow Rules For Eating Fruits As Per Ayurveda

when to eat fruits ayurveda

Fruits sure are healthy foods and have a lot to offer, but their benefits can be maximized if they are eaten at the right time and in the right manner. Ayurveda has set rules as to how can you eat fruits to gain the maximum amount of nutrients and benefits out of them, and here are some of them. Read on know how you can improve your health in the best possible way by eating fruits the right way. 

Do Not Eat Fruits Right After Your Meals

Ayurveda strongly advises not to eat fruits right after a meal as it can interrupt the ongoing digestion process. It can also lead to fermentation in the stomach that can affect your overall digestive health leading to digestive issues such as gas, acidity, indigestion, and more.

Packed Fruit Juices Must Not Be Your Go-To Option

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According to Ayurvedic literature, you must have fruit juices within the initial few minutes of extracting them. Storing them for a prolonged period can make them lose their nutritive value and turn acidic. Canned or packed juice contains quite a good amount of sweeteners and preservatives to increase its shelf life. These preservatives can wreak havoc on your health and therefore, canned juices must be avoided.

Tangy Fruits Must Not Be Mixed With Milk

Fruits that are sour or tangy in taste tend to have a hit of acidic content in them which can spoil the milk if consumed together. This can then have an adverse effect on your digestive system and lead to digestive issues [1]

No Fruit Must Be Mixed With Yogurt

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Mixing fruits with yogurt can diminish the digestive fire, change the intestinal flora and cause cold, cough, allergies, etc. However, for those who cannot resist the temptation of having flavored yogurt, you can mix honey, cinnamon or raisins to your unflavored yogurt. This alternative will be just as delicious and even more healthy

Eating Fruits in the Morning is Ideal

According to Ayurveda, the best time for eating fruits is in the morning. Except for citrus fruits, most fruits can be eaten on an empty stomach. Apples are, perhaps, one of the best fruits you can consume early in the morning as they are rich in pectin that can help your intestines and digestive system


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