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Akarkara, also known as Anacyclus pyrethrum, is a herbaceous plant. Akarkara benefits comes with a long history of medicinal use. Originating from the Mediterranean region and commonly found in India in the Himalayan region, Akarkara is known for its potential benefits and diverse range of uses. This versatile herb is widely used as a tonic and rejuvenator. It offers various advantages, including its aphrodisiac properties, traditionally used to enhance sexual health and libido in both men and women. Additionally, Akarkara is believed to promote oral health, relieving dental issues such as toothache, gum infections, and mouth ulcers. [1]

When it comes to its chemical composition, the plant comprises 32 compounds that represent about 92.67% of it. These include oxidative sesquiterpenes (58.96%) which is the highest followed by hydrocarbon sesquiterpines (24.19%). It also includes other components such as spathulenol (20.47%), germacrene-D (16.48%), caryophylleneoxide (13.20%), 4-(14)-salvial-1-one (8.27%), caryophyllene-4(14) and 8(15)-diene5α-ol (7.30%).[4]
chemical structure of akarkara
Chemical structure of Akarkara’s volatile components [4]

akarkara benefits
Chemical structure of Akarkara’s non-volatile components [4]

This article will talk about the Akarkara benefits, uses, dosage, and potential side effects of Akarkara.

Nutritional Benefits Of Akarkara

  • Helps manage pain caused due to arthritis.
  • Improves brain function.
  • Paste of akarkara powder aids in relieving toothache.
  • Helpful in detoxification of the body.
  • Beneficial for digestion.

Akarkara Benefits for Overall Health

1. Aphrodisiac Properties

Akarkara is believed to have aphrodisiac properties and has been used traditionally to enhance sexual health and libido and improve male fertility by enhancing spermatogenesis. It is popularly known as a pro-fertility and virility-enhancing herb.

2. Oral Health

The herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to promote oral health. Akarkara benefits include its ability to help in treating dental issues like toothache, gum infections, and mouth ulcers as it is believed to work effectively against certain kinds of oral bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus sanguis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

3. Digestive Aid

It is believed that Akarkara may aid digestion and relieve digestive disorders like indigestion, bloating, and flatulence.

4. Anesthetic activity

The plant extract can also be used for its anesthetic properties and studies have shown that they have a longer duration with a prolonged anesthetic effect, are safe to use, and have no side effects. [4]

5. Acts as an antidepressant

It has been seen that Akarkara benefits include serving an antidepressant role by interacting with adrenergic and dopamine receptors. This way, they help increase the level of noradrenaline and dopamine in the brain.[1]

6. Pain Relief

The Akarkara plant has traditionally alleviated pain and inflammation. It is believed to have analgesic properties that may help reduce joint pain, muscle pain, and headaches.

7. Memory-increasing activity

It has been found that a root extract of the Akarkara plant helps increase the level of cholinesterase in the brain, which helps enhance memory power. [2]

8. Anti-oxidative Property

From the Ayurvedic perspective, it has been seen that the roots, leaves, flowers, and seeds of the plant have very high antioxidant activity. [4]

9. Anti-diabetic property

From ancient times, the plant has been used by diabetic patients as a traditional herbal remedy to deal with their condition. It has been seen that using the root alcoholic extract (ethylic alcohol (96%)) improves sugar levels in diabetic patients. [4]

  1. Akarkara Benefits for Male

Akarkara helps with erectile dysfunction and other male sexual issues, such as early ejaculation. It is one of the best medicines for treating male infertility. [5]

  1. Akarkara Benefits for Female

Akarkara is a pro-fertility herb. Akarkara reduces the problem of irregular and late menstruation. Apart from this, it also helps in dealing with stopped periods.

Traditional Akarkara Uses

akarkara uses

  • It is used to make an oil that helps with hemiplegia and nervous debility.
  • A mouthwash concocted with the plant can be used for toothaches, caries, and tonsillitis.
  • Powdered seeds of the plant can be used as a churan to bid goodbye to digestive problems.
  • In case of an abscess, it is used topically for maturation.
  • It is also an analgesic and a cure for chronic rhinitis and cold.
  • In Ayurveda, it is used as an ingredient in various aphrodisiac oils.
  • Used to help improve physical strength and alleviate premature ejaculation
  • Akarkara uses also include the treatment of impotence caused due to the weakness of nerves as well as in sexually transmitted diseases and inflammation.
  • Its uses also extend to treat a variety of disorders concerning the Vata and Pitta [1]

How To Use Akarkara

Akarkara can be used in powdered form for its potent health benefits. 

What is the recommended dosage of Akarkara?

The appropriate dosage of Akarkara may vary depending on factors like health condition, age and the form of the herb (powder, extract, etc.). However, experts believe that if the Akarkara powder is given in a dose of more than 0.5 to 1 gm, it may lead to various side effects. [1]

Potential side effects of Akarkara

While Akarkara is generally considered safe for most people when taken in appropriate dosages, there can be potential side effects such as nausea, bleeding, increase in heart rate, unconsciousness, and others. [1] Some of the other side effects include:

May affect the brain:

Some individuals may show symptoms of adverse effects on the brain by manifesting symptoms such as convulsions, depression, anorexia, paralysis, shivers, dizziness, or even coma

Reaction in the kidneys:

Side effects of Akarkara powder may include acute renal failure, urination, and necrosis.

Liver dysfunction:

It may affect the liver, leading to liver dysfunction and cell destruction, necrosis, and lobar hepatitis.

Gastrointestinal Issues:

High doses of the Akarkara plant may cause digestive discomfort, including vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.[3]

FAQs about Akarkara 

1. How is the Akarkara plant used in the traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine to treat indigestion?

Indigestion is a physical condition that occurs when the Kapha levels in the body get elevated, leading to a state of agni mandya. This means the patient has a weak digestive fire due to its ushna. Akarkara benefits in Hindi include its ability to help improve the agni, leading to better digestion.

2. How does Akarkara ke fayde include kidney functioning?

Akarkara ke fayde includes diuretic properties, which are highly effective as a natural medicine for detox. This helps increase the frequency and quality of the urine, thus helping with the overall health of the kidney.

3. Do Akarkara ke fayde encompass the treatment of insect bites?

Yes, Akarkara ke fayde includes treating insect bites as it has antibiotic properties that help prevent infection and the growth of microbes in the area where the insect has bitten.

4. What are the Akarkara Powder Benefits?

Akarkara powder offers a multitude of benefits. Applying a paste of akarkara powder helps in relieving toothache. Consuming akarkara powder in milk helps in treating male sexual issues.  

5. What are the uses of Akarkara?

There are many Akarkara uses. It is used in treating a host of ailments. Loaded with aphrodisiac properties it helps in enhancing sexual well-being. It also provides relief from arthritis and toothache. It helps improve brain function and enhances digestive health too. 


Akarkara is a versatile herb with a range of benefits and uses, known for its aphrodisiac properties and its role in excellent oral care. This article has discussed and focused on some of the top Akarkara ke fayde, Akarkara uses as well as the recommended dosages and potential side effects.

Disclaimer: The information given through this article is meant for educating people on the subject, and it is advisable to see a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal supplement or treatment.


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