Kamasutra Tips: Guidance for an Exciting Sex Life

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In the present time, although sex may be considered taboo, there are many stories about sex dating back to ancient times. You all must have heard the name “Kamasutra.” It is considered one of the most famous texts. “Kamasutra” is an ancient Indian text written in the Sanskrit language, which elaborately describes the principles of various disciplines, arrangements, and various aspects of sexual life. This text primarily revolves around sex and intimate relationships, but note that it is written based on personal and social thoughts of ancient times and does not represent modern human relationships. Kamasutra was written by the sage Vatsyayana in and around the sixth century in the Sanskrit language. It is divided into 7 sections.

To understand and explore sex deeply, many people read the Kamasutra text. It is believed that there are several ways mentioned in this text to enhance your sex life. Reading this text can completely change your perspective on sex. So today, in this article, we will explain how you can use Kamasutra to make your sex life more romantic. Here are some elements of Kamasutra that can be applied to modern relationships:

1. Prioritise Women’s Pleasure During Sex

Kamasutra emphasises greatly on women’s pleasure. It instructs women on how to please men, but the focus is on understanding how much time it takes for a woman to experience pleasure. You need to give her that time. If it takes three days for a woman to experience arousal, then spend those three days. A version of the Kamasutra text suggests that men should ensure their wives’ happiness for the betterment of their livelihood. The argument is: if your wife is content in her life and in bed, she will support you in your work and efforts. However, if she is discontent, she might seek other lovers, spend your money, or make your life miserable. Therefore, prioritise women’s pleasure during sex.

2. Explore Different Sex Positions

It is said that Kamasutra describes 64 sex positions. These positions can greatly enhance your romantic life. Positions like the Cowgirl, Dolly Style, Spooning, and many more are included.

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3. Size Matters

When it comes to sexual intercourse, size indeed matters. If two partners are planning to engage in sexual activity, the first criterion is that their sexual organs should be compatible in size. If a woman is too small and a man is too large, it will cause discomfort. If a woman is too large and a man is too small, there won’t be any sensation. Hence, the organs should be of the same size.

4. Importance of Foreplay

Kamasutra stresses the importance of foreplay. It teaches men how to bring women to orgasm through foreplay alone. Similarly, women can also bring men to orgasm without intercourse. Both can achieve orgasm easily by stimulating each other’s sensitive areas.

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5. Connection Between Women’s Organs

Kamasutra tries to understand women’s bodies and needs. It explains that there is a connection between different parts of women’s bodies. For example, if you stimulate a woman’s nipples, she will feel sensations in her clitoris as well. This excites women a lot.

6. Communication During Sex

Openly discussing your likes and dislikes with your partner during sex can make the experience better. Communication during sex can improve your relationship and the sexual experience.

7. Sexual Education

Sexual education is crucial. Getting accurate information about sex is important. Education and awareness can help you enjoy a safe and healthy sexual experience.

8. Understand Your Partner’s Feelings

Respect your partner’s feelings and pay attention to their comfort. Create an environment where you can openly communicate and make your partner feel comfortable.

9. Trying New Things

Experimenting with new things between you and your partner is not a bad idea, as long as it’s done carefully and with mutual consent.

10. Surrendering to the Experience

Fully surrendering to the sexual experience and openly sharing your desires with your partner can strengthen your relationship. When you give yourself completely to your partner, they try to love you the way you wanted, exploring all aspects. Moreover, your partner also feels happy to know that you’ve given yourself entirely to them.

Please note, the Kamasutra covers a wide range of topics, and explaining all of its content in one article is a bit difficult. Keep in mind that sex should be a natural and healthy experience that promotes mutual consent and self-surrender. Open and free communication about sex is essential.


1. Does Kamasutra only talk about sex positions?

No, only about 20% of the text is dedicated to positions; the rest covers various aspects of sex and relationships.

2. Can it really change one’s sexual life?

Yes, for those interested in improving their sexual life, it’s very helpful. It’s a globally famous text.

3. How can I read Kamasutra?

Nowadays, it’s available in various languages, so you can choose the one that suits you.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general knowledge purposes and not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Consult a medical professional for proper medical guidance.


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