5 Ayurvedic Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

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5 ways to treat ED with Ayurvedic medicine feature

Sexual illnesses that are common among Indian males include reduced libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), and premature ejaculation. The prevalence of ED tends to be higher in people over 40. Fortunately, studies on erectile dysfunction treatment and other related sexual diseases have shown that they are safe and effective. 

If you’re looking for an all-natural Ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction, read on. 

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Many reasons can lead to erectile dysfunction, including:

  1. Vascular problems: The penis may have restricted or obstructed blood flow due to disorders such as atherosclerosis, or the hardening of arteries.
  2. Diseases of the nervous system (like multiple sclerosis): Diabetes, stroke, and other conditions can impede the impulses from the nerves that lead to the penis.
  3. Psychological factors: Anxiety connected to performance, sadness, stress, and low levels of brain stimulation can all play a role.
  4. Trauma: Erectile dysfunction symptoms can also result from physical injury.

5 ways to treat erectile dysfunction with Ayurveda

  1. Herbs

One approach to erectile dysfunction ayurvedic treatment is herbs that help treat erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. 

  • Safed Musli

A powerful herbal remedy known for its aphrodisiac (vajikaran) properties is Safed Musli. 

Safed Musli is the Shukral herb in Ayurveda, and it is known to increase men’s semen or Shukra in both quantity and quality. This ayurvedic herb that resembles a root can increase a person’s desire for sexual activity and promote the creation of hormones. 

Moreover, raising corticosterone levels counteract immunological problems brought on by stress, which would otherwise result in decreased testosterone production.

  • Ashwagandha

The sattvic herbal remedy for sex, ashwagandha, is well known for its potent aphrodisiac qualities. In Ayurvedic medicine, this plant helps create ‘ojas,’ an essential life energy that strengthens penile tissue during intercourse. Moreover, this herb from Ayurveda helps to improve sexual endurance while also reviving the desire to prevent early ejaculation. 

Standardized extracts are used in Ashwagandha supplements to provide a strong but controlled amount of the herb in each capsule. The application of Ashwagandha pills or capsules can be a useful strategy for treating particular cases of ED.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a natural blood thinner that may benefit people with cardiac problems. Cinnamaldehyde, an ingredient in this spice’s essential oil, is well-known for its ability to relax erectile tissue. It has been found that the essential oil extracted from cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) has qualities that help relax the erectile tissue, which may improve erections in males.

2. Vajikarana Therapy 

Vajikarana therapy experts believe their treatment revitalizes the body’s basic components, restoring balance and general health. Devotees of the Ayurvedic school claim that these mixtures stimulate the limbic system and hypothalamus in the brain, hence improving the reproductive system and enhancing sexual performance.

Some claim that Vajikarana Ayurveda sex therapy may also reduce anxiety associated with having sex and acting on it, possibly even increasing certain hormones related to reproduction. 

3. Dietary Changes

According to Ayurvedic principles, the best Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction that addresses premature ejaculation is a variety of dietary adjustments. Include foods high in nutrients in your diet, such as grains, bananas, nuts, fish, shellfish, and veggies like celery, onions, and fennel. Honey is regarded as necessary and ought to be taken regularly. However, there are several foods that you should avoid eating. These include tea, coffee, alcohol, processed foods, foods high in white flour and sugar, and foods that have been denatured.

4. Aerobic Exercises 

Erectile dysfunction physical exercise (in the ayurvedic approach is beneficial). Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is frequently caused by underlying medical disorders such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and vascular disease. These disorders impair blood flow to the penis. By addressing these underlying issues, adding aerobic exercises to your daily schedule will improve your overall health and possibly help alleviate ED.

5. Milk and saffron

Milk has an important role in the ayurvedic treatment of erectile dysfunction, and milk with saffron and almonds is known to help with early ejaculation management. Almonds should be soaked for at least a night before being mixed with heated milk. For more flavor and intensity, add cardamom and ginger to the mix.


Ayurvedic medicines offer a traditional method of treating erectile dysfunction. Although there is no scientific data on the effectiveness of these treatments, and individual results may differ, Ayurveda stresses that maintaining a balance between the mind, body, and spirit is essential to enhancing general health. Standard practices include dietary adjustments, lifestyle adjustments, stress-reduction techniques, and herbal sex medicine for men.


What is the Ayurvedic medicine for treating erectile dysfunction? 

Ayurveda’s take on erectile dysfunction and its causes addresses all the aspects of a man’s overall health. It is suggested to consume ashwagandha and other herbs; dietary changes, vajikarana therapy, and more.

Is there a permanent cure for treating erectile dysfunction? 

With a penile implant, you can precisely control the duration and timing of an erection by inserting a water-based device into the penis’ erection chambers during a 30- to 45-minute surgical operation. This, according to Dr. Starke, is the most promising treatment option for ED.

Is there a natural medicine to cure erectile dysfunction?

Ayurveda has its explanations and studies for ED and suggests some herbs and practices for day-to-day life like making dietary changes, doing yoga, vajikarana therapy, and more. However, there have been studies on Korean red ginseng – in a meta-analysis with more than two thousand ED men, researchers discovered that red ginseng enhanced participants’ erectile function. Although the study’s results are encouraging, the authors did warn that additional research is necessary before red ginseng is hailed as the next herbal Viagra. 


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