Keep your Eyes and Hair Safe this Holi

Holi is a festival that marks the onset of springs after winters. It is celebrated with colours to express joy, love and happiness. Traditionally, Holi colours were made with natural herbs, such as hibiscus flowers, henna leaves, turmeric, saffron, sandalwood, etc. Most of these herbs had therapeutic value in Ayurveda and were beneficial for your health. 

However, nowadays, most Holi colours are prepared with hazardous compounds like lead oxide, copper sulphate, mercury sulphide, mica dust etc. These chemicals make Holi colours extremely detrimental to your skin, hair and eyes. Therefore, many people have now started avoiding Holi celebrations. 

Since festivals should be a time to celebrate without worry, here are some tips on eye care and hair care to make your Holi safe, colourful and vibrant. 

Best Hair Care Tips for a Safe Holi Celebration

  • Avoid shampooing your hair a day before the Holi celebration. It will ensure that the natural oils stay on your scalp and serve as a protective barrier against Holi colours.
  • Oil your hair with generous amounts of warm coconut or almond oil, ideally a night before the Holi celebration. It will help create a protective shield on your scalp and strands and restrict colours from penetrating inside your hair follicles. You may also use a mix of jojoba and castor oil. This hair care tip will ensure that your hair doesn’t lose its colour in the festival of colours.    
  • If you have a sensitive scalp or often suffer from hair problems, take a few drops of lemon juice and apply them to your scalp. Lemon juice helps protect your scalp from the harsh effects of the Holi colours. 
  • Before stepping into the Holi celebration, tie your hair or make a braid. It will prevent the chemicals of the Holi colours from reaching your scalp.    
  • After the celebration, wash your hair with cold water. The cold water helps to remove Holi colours effortlessly. You should also avoid using harsh shampoos and instead use herbal or mild shampoos to prevent further damage to your hair. 
  • After washing your hair, do not forget to moisturise them using a herbal or mild conditioner.  

Best Eye Care Tips to Make Your Holi Safe

  • Apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly beneath and around your eyes. It will act as a protective layer between the colours and the skin and also help you remove the Holi colours later. You can also rub a dash of baby oil on your eyelashes to protect them.
  • Do not wear lenses during Holi celebrations. Instead, use sunglasses to protect your eyes from any sudden contact with colours. 
  • Wear a cap on your head or keep your hair tied to prevent water from your hair from reaching your eyes.   
  • Always make sure that your eyes are closed whenever colours are being splashed on you. 
  • If, in any case, colours enter your eyes, do not touch or rub them as it can cause irritation and may even result in vision loss. Use clean water to wash off the colours, and if the irritation remains persistent, contact your doctor immediately. 

Switch to Natural, Safe, Organic Colours!

The best precaution is to avoid using chemical Holi colours altogether and start playing Holi with organic and natural colours, just like ancient India. 

On a Final Note

Holi celebrations can often become a cause of worry because of these chemical-filled Holi colours. However, if you switch to organic colours and follow the above-mentioned tips on eye care and hair care, you can make your Holi safe and less stressful.