How to Remove Dark Underarms at Home Naturally

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Your underarms (axilla) will usually be of the same shade as the other parts of your skin. But, for some people, the underarms may turn darker. Though this is not a serious issue, some people find the problem quite embarrassing. When it’s the summer season, we all love to sport swimsuits and tank tops. In that case, those with dark underarms may simply shy away. Darkened axillary/underarm skin is an issue of hyperpigmentation triggered by melanocyte stimulation and increased production of the melanin pigment. [1]

What causes dark underarms?

  • Skin trauma caused by hair plucking [1] methods like shaving and waxing
  • A skin condition called acanthosis nigricans [2]
  • Using too much of deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Infrequent exfoliation
  • Wearing tight-fitting garments
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Friction damage
  • Medicinal side-effects
  • Ingrown hair
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes 

Wish to know how to remove dark underarms? Well, in this article, we’ll tell you about the various methods to remove dark underarms naturally at home. With simple ingredients you can treat this issue in a cost-effective manner. Read on to learn more:

Home remedies for dark underarms

  • Use of Turmeric

  • use of turmeric - home remedies for dark underarms

    Curcumin, a polyphenolic compound in Turmeric, a common Indian spice, and Ayurvedic ingredient, triggers the death of melanoma cells in the affected area and lightens the skin tone. [3] Applying turmeric paste on your armpits can gradually make those areas fairer. To make the paste, you can use milk or rose water along with the turmeric powder.

    1. Use of Green Tea

    Epigallo-catechin-3-gallate (ECGC), the main active component in Green Tea is effective in treating hyperpigmentation disorders affecting your underarms. [3] You can refrigerate green tea decoction and rub the frozen green tea cubes on your underarms several times during the day.

    1. Use of Soy

    Soybean extracts may be used in the dark underarms treatment at home. The antioxidants like serine protease and isoflavones in soybean can inhibit melanosome transfer, [3] and brighten your underarms.

    1. Use of Aloe

    use of aloe - dark underarms remedy

    How to remove dark underarms with Aloe Vera? Aloe contains Aloesin, a compound that can reduce melanin production in the underarms by having an inhibitory impact on melanogenesis. [3] The gel of Aloe Vera may be applied directly to the darkened underarms for best results.

    1. Use of Licorice

    Glabridin in Licorice roots can treat dark underarms by reducing the amount of pigment formation. [3] Grind the root into a smooth paste using milk, and apply on your underarms.

    1. Use of Mulberry extracts

    Use dried mulberry leaf extracts on the darkened area of your armpits. Mulberroside F, an active component in mulberry extracts, can inhibit the action of the tyrosinase enzyme in your cells, thus lowering the production of melanin and decreasing the rate of melanin transfer. [3] You can apply a paste of mulberry leaves on your armpit daily for best results. 

    1. Use of potato juice

    Dab your darkened armpits with the juice extracted from grated potato. This excellent natural bleach can give you a fairer skin tone at the underarms. [4]

    1. Use of saffron (kesar)

    Kesar is one of the best home remedies for dark underarms. Kesar can lighten your underarms skin tone by curbing the production of melanin. [5]

    1. Use of lightening scrubs

    At times, too many dead cells accumulate on your armpits making them look darker. Exfoliating the area with lightening homemade scrubs like lemon juice (natural bleaching agent) + salt, or baking soda + rose water can eliminate the dead skin and expose the fairer layer from underneath.

    1. Find replacement of deodorants

    Deodorant sprays can act as a prominent culprit when it comes to darkunderarms. The chemicals in these fragrant sprays can irritate the skin and trigger hyperpigmentation in the underarms. So, try replacing deodorants with alum or antifungal dusting powders. [4]


    1. How does Ayurveda look at the issue of dark underarms?

    According to Ayurveda, dark underarms may result from an imbalance of Doshas and Dhatus in your body. Whenever, there’s an imbalance in the doshas and dhatus, ama or toxins start accumulating in your body and that manifests itself in the form of various types of skin issues with axillary hyperpigmentation being one of them. Purgation therapies like Panchakarma can detoxify your system and treat the root cause of darkened armpits. Intake of Triphala churan too can help in body detoxification and improve your skin tone in the armpits. Apart from Triphala, there are several other Kantivardhaka Ayurvedic herbs which can be used as dark underarms remedy. These herbs can pacify the Pitta dosha. These herbs feature the following attributes:
    Tikt (bitter), Madhura(sweet), and Kashaya (astringent) Rasa (taste)
    Shita Virya (Cooling potency)
    Some of the best Ayurvedic herbs for underarm skin lightening are: Manjistha, Madhuyashthi, Padmaka, Nagkesar and Khus.

    2. How does waxing cause underarms darkening?

    Waxing can irritate the skin on your armpit, leading to skin darkening. When the wax coated sheet is pulled out, a thin top layer of your skin is removed too. This accelerates the chances of an infection or an irritation. Overtime, your skin loses elasticity and darkens.

    3. What are the other symptoms associated with underarm darkening?

    The other symptoms associated with underarm darkening are:
    • Thickening of skin in the armpit
    • Foul odor in the armpit
    • Rough and prickly armpit skin


    This article has aptly answered the question ‘How to get rid of dark underarms’. There are numerous simple home remedies for dark underarms which you can try. Though dark underarms are not a major problem it can definitely crush your confidence. In that case, try out the above mentioned tips and strategies to lighten your underarms and see what works for you the best!


    This article is written from a health and wellness perspective and is not medical advice. Kindly seek the help of a certified medical practitioner before initiating any treatment.


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