15 Benefits of Mustard Oil

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Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is an edible oil extracted from mustard seeds. This oil comes with several therapeutic and culinary uses. In eastern India, mustard oil is widely accepted as a cooking staple. [1]

It is believed to add taste and fieriness to dishes due to its pungency and distinct aroma. Besides being a cooking oil, mustard oil is also a remedy for various human ailments. Scientifically the crop that yields Mustard Oil is called Brassica Juncea. It is a well-known oilseed crop belonging to the cruciferous family. [2].

Mustard oil in Hindi is popularly called ‘Sarson ka tel.’ You may have heard TV commercials reiterating terms like ‘Kachchi Ghani sarson tel’ or ‘Pakki ghani sarson tel.’ Now, what’s that? Well, Kachchi Ghani and Pakki Ghani are two types of mustard oil. ‘Kachchi-ghani’ is the mustard oil extracted through the cold-pressed method, while ‘Pakki-ghani’ is the mustard oil extracted through expellers. These oils make an inseparable part of Indian culture and are used in cooking primarily. [1]

In the doctrines of Ayurveda, Mustard Oil uses are aimed at increasing Pitta and pacifying or balancing the Vata and Kapha doshas. Pitta rules over the “heating principle” of the body. By incorporating this oil into your daily life, you can reap the mustard oil benefits for your health and palate!

Mustard Oil Benefits

The ushna (hot) properties of Mustard Oil can alleviate the symptoms of a whole range of diseases. Here, we will discuss the 15 Mustard Oil benefits for your health and well-being. Read on:

1. Helps to manage weight

Mustard Oil is a catalyst in our digestive system, speeding up metabolism through thermogenesis. That curbs your appetite and helps in weight management. [3]

2. Acts as a stimulant

One of Mustard Oil benefits is that it can stimulate your digestive system and excretory system to help maintain all body functions normally. [1]

3. Cancer preventative

Specific components of mustard oil, like glucosinolate, show an anti-carcinogenic effect. [1]. Consumption of Mustard Oil can arrest the growth and spread of cancer cells for certain types of cancers.[4]

4. Promotes Heart Health

Mustard Oil for Heart Health

Abundant amounts of MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids) and PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) in Mustard Oil can promote heart health. So, mustard oil should be used as a substitute for other refined oils high in damaging saturated fats if you wish to keep your heart healthy. [1]

5. Anti-microbial properties

Glucosinolate present in Mustard Oil can control the spread of fungal and bacterial infections. Therefore, you can rely to the antimicrobial properties of Mustard Oil and apply it on affected areas.[1]

6. Excellent massage oil

Mustard Oil can be used as an excellent massage oil to relieve aches and pains, joint stiffness. Slightly heated mustard oil infused with a few garlic cloves is ideal for this purpose.

7. Lowers cholesterol levels

High quantities of Alpha-linolenic acid in Mustard Oil can lower high cholesterol levels and keep your cardiovascular health. [1]

8. Supports Oral Health

Mustard Oil’s antibacterial properties can be used against the bacteria thriving in your mouth. Fat-soluble bacteria that get deposited around your gums as plaque can loosen out if you swish the oil in your mouth.

9. Acts as an appetizer

Mustard Oil can stimulate digestive juices and make you feel hungry. So, it can act as a remedy for a lack of appetite. [1]

10. Helps manage Diabetes

Eruric Acid and anti-inflammatory components of Mustard Oil can help manage high blood sugar levels by improving insulin resistance. [7]

11. Acts as a mosquito-repellent

The strong smell that Mustard Oil has can drive away mosquitoes. The application of this oil to your skin can keep mosquitoes at bay.

12. Lowers Inflammation

Omega-3 fatty acids in Mustard Oil can reduce inflammation and relieve pain symptoms. [5]. So, you can apply this oil topically on aching joints.

13. Controls cough and cold

Mustard Oil for cough and cold

Mustard Oil generates heat when rubbed against the skin. For those suffering from cough, cold and respiratory congestion, this oil is very effective in draining out the congestion. Massaging the chest with Mustard Oil is the perfect anti-cold home remedy. [6]

14. Strengthens Immunity

Mustard Oil improves immune response due to its rich nutritional profile. [8] Antioxidants and essential Vitamins in Mustard Oil strengthen your immune system.

15. Improves the strength of RBCs

Mustard Oil has healthy fatty acids in it to strengthen the membrane structure of the red blood cells, allowing the cells to function optimally. [1]

Mustard Oil Side-effects

  • Over-consumption of Mustard Oil contains Erucic Acid, which can have a toxic effect on your heart.
  • Mustard Oil contains allergen proteins that may lead to skin allergies in some people. Allergies could manifest as skin rashes, itchy skin, swelling, and tingling. Sometimes mustard-induced allergies can also produce severe symptoms like anaphylaxis, asthma, and breathing trouble. [9]


1.Is Mustard Oil good for hair?

Healthy fatty acids in Mustard Oil can treat scalp inflammation and support healthy hair growth. Mustard Oil benefits for hair include strengthening of hair roots, thicker hair, dandruff prevention, and hair regrowth.

2.Is Mustard Oil good for health?

Yes, it is. Mustard Oil has healthy fatty acids in just the correct proportion, and that makes it a health enhancer. Vitamins A, B, and E, and proteins, alpha-linolenic acid, and Glucosinolate present in Mustard Oil support a healthy mind and body.

3.Yellow Mustard Oil Vs. Black Mustard Oil: What is the difference?

Yellow Mustard Oil is superior to regular Black Mustard Oil in flavor and taste. Also, Yellow Mustard Oil is also costlier.


As a condiment, Mustard Oil has immense popularity worldwide. Ayurveda recommends the use of Mustard Oil or Sarson Tailam for medicinal purposes. This article unfolds for you the vast array of benefits that Mustard Oil has. Incorporate this incredible oil in your daily life and feel the difference!

This article is written for informational purposes and is not medical advice. Before you use any of the Mustard Oil remedies mentioned here, you must consult a doctor.


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