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Cow ghee is a celebrated Ayurvedic component touted for its immense healing powers. It is a rich, clarified butter obtained from the fat present naturally in cow or buffalo’s milk. It is the richest form of fat compared to its other counterparts [1]. Over the years, cow ghee has turned out to be one of the most preferred fats due to its vast range of cow ghee benefits for health. In India, cow ghee has been in use since antiquity.

Besides being a kitchen staple used to flavour your favourite dal tadkas, or dry fruit halwa, Ghee in India is also used during most religious rituals. Because of its characteristic aroma and rich texture, cow ghee is considered a sacred food in Ayurveda [1] . Ghee or Ghrita makes an indispensable constituent of Saatvik bhajan as per the doctrines of Ayurveda. According to Ayurvedic literature, Ghee supports the formation of the Sapta Dhatus in the human body and lessens the pitta, vata, and kapha doshas. When we talk about the cow ghee benefits in Hindi, we think of the purest form of desi ghee with unparalleled nutritional, sensory, and economic attributes. [1]

How is Cow Ghee and desi-ghee made?

Cow ghee is made by extracting the fat from milk, butter, or cream by application of direct heat. The temperature to which the milk or cream is heated is just above 100°C. [2] The ghee-making process may include or may not involve fermentation. [1]

‘Desi-ghee’ is the term used to describe the fat derived from different kinds of fermented milk. The process involves churning out butter from curd. The butter then goes through heat-based clarification to separate the fat from the non-fat medium. [1]

Composition of Cow Ghee [11]

Milk Fat99%-99.5%
Carotene3.2-7.4 mg
Vitamin A19g-34g
Free fatty acids1%-3%

Cow Ghee Benefits for Health

1. Ghee is anti-cancerous

Cow Ghee contains potent compounds, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and Butyric acid, which have cancer-preventive attributes. [1]

2. Ghee improves athletic performance

The medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in Cow Ghee are directly absorbed by your liver and then burned down to provide strength and energy for improved athletic performance.[1]

3. Ghee helps in weight management

As mentioned above, the medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in Ghee can produce a tremendous amount of energy. This energy is then used to burn down the accumulated fat in your body. This phenomenon helps you lose your extra pounds. [1]

4. Ghee supports gut health

One of the Cow Ghee benefits is that it is an excellent remedy for a weakened digestive tract. It can increase the natural microbiome in your gut due to the butyric acid it contains and improves gut health. [1]

5. Ghee promotes heart health

Healthy Omega-3 fatty acids in Ghee can improve your heart function & cardiovascular health. In addition, it can lower the levels of harmful cholesterol. [2]

6. Ghee cures mouth ulcers

Ghee is an age-old remedy for painful mouth ulcers or sores. [1] Apply ghee to your mouth sore every night before going to bed and get relief from pain and discomfort.

7. Ghee can heal wounds

ghee can heal wounds - cow ghee benefits

Ghee may be applied to wounds topically to foster healing. In his famous literature Sushruta Samhita, Sushruta instructs to use ghee for treating infected wounds. The topical application of ghee can bring about synergistic wound healing. [3]

8. Ghee enhances eye health

Cow Ghee is good for your eyes. It can rejuvenate your strained eyes and cure issues like dry eyes. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins present in Ghee can improve your vision. [4]

9. Ghee supports brain health

In Ayurveda, Ghee is referred to as Medhya Rasayana. The Omega-3 fatty acids in Ghee can nourish your brain cells, strengthening brain function, improving memory, and boosting mental alertness. [5]

10. Ghee supports healthy hair

ghee supports healthy hair - cow ghee benefits for hair

If you wish to have thicker, longer, shinier, and bouncier hair, Ghee can help. Vitamin A & Vitamin E in Cow Ghee can nourish and condition your scalp and hair. [6] To reap the Cow Ghee benefits for hair, you can apply it generously on your scalp and hair. Keep it for an hour, then rinse with a mild herbal shampoo. All age groups can use Cow Ghee for hair.

11. Ghee can make your joints less painful

Cow Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties and can be an excellent lubricant for your aching joints and surrounding tissues. Topical application of warmed ghee to the painful joint can bring instant relief as ghee can readily penetrate the deeper skin layers. [7]

12. Ghee can lower blood glucose levels

Ghee has healthy fats that reduce inflammation in diabetics. Also, fat-soluble vitamins in Ghee can have an anti-diabetic effect. [8]

Side-effects of Cow Ghee

Consuming excessive cow ghee can lead to obesity and increase the risk of strokes and heart diseases due to the high content of saturated fats and oxidised cholesterol in Ghee. [1], [9], [10]

FAQs about Cow Ghee

1. Who should avoid consuming cow ghee?

People who are obese and those with cardiovascular issues should skip the intake of cow ghee.

2. Why is cow ghee yellow in colour?

Cow ghee contains the pigment beta-carotene, which gives it its characteristic colour.

3. What is A2 Cow ghee & where can I buy it?

A2 Cow ghee is the ghee containing high quantities of Beta Casein protein. This ghee is made from the milk of the indigenous cow breeds such as the Zebu breed, Vechur breed, Gir breed, Khillari breed, Kankrej breed, Rathi breed, Sahiwal breed and more. If you wish to buy high quality A2 organic cow ghee, look nowhere else other than Zanducare.com. Explore their product, the A2 Desi Cow Ghee and place your order without delay!


Cow ghee is packed with nutrients and is highly nourishing. The therapeutic properties of Ghee can increase your mental and physical fitness and general well-being. So, include desi cow ghee in your daily diet to reap the many cow ghee benefits for health.

This article gives you information for educating you on the topic and is not medical advice. You must consult a doctor if you wish to use cow ghee as a remedy for any health issue.


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